Mystery Solved !

     Ever since I posted a story about incoming interim Fort Lauderdale City Manager Allyson Love, things  have gotten a little crazy around here  …..

     You’ll remember that I couldn’t find a picture of Allyson anywhere, even though she has been serving the citizens of Fort Lauderdale for over two decades. So I did what any self respecting, non-regulated blogger would do, I used a fake picture!

     Well, the lack of any known real pictures of Love just got the conspiracy theorists a-buzzin !

     Since she had been holed away for most of those years counting cash in the basement of the City Budget Office, she really hasn’t been that public. But some folks are always looking for a sinister story !

                                                                                         Love Money 

      Some wrote and said they didn’t believe “Allyson Love” really existed at all. One theorist said he had proof that she was “invented”, so the insiders could smuggle away cash without anyone finding out!

     And one of the local walnuts actually said that he thought Love would really turn-out to be Gretsas in drag, and that he had found himself a slippery way to stay in Fort Lauderdale as manager!

      Well nonsense all !   ……  a picture of the real, living breathing –  Allyson Love – just arrived – mystery solved….. here she is !!

                                                                         the real Allyson Love


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