What’s a Miso Spoon?

                    ……  And great Hors D’oeuvres ! 

     Read the menu below. It’s an excerpt from a campaign e-mailer sent out. If you ever thought of getting involved in someone’s political campaign effort AND getting a new culinary vocabulary, this candidate for Circuit Judge might be just the ticket!

              ” Cafe Maxx Event – The Howes for Judge Committee, Cafe Maxx, and The Wine Watch hosted a “Meet the Candidate” fundraiser at Cafe Maxx on April 16th. More than 60 guests feasted on good conversation, cocktails, and Chef Oliver Saucy’s famous Yellow Fin Tuna, Beef Tenderloin Tar tare, Shrimp and Chicken Pot Stickers, Jumbo Lump Crab and Caviar in Miso Spoons, and Melted Tomato and Mozzerella Crostini with Basil !”

Something tells me they are not targeting the “lunch bucket” blue collar set !

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