Beach Activist Considers Commission Run

    It’s been confirmed. 

      Steve Glassman,
President of the Central Beach Alliance in Fort Lauderdale, has told us that the rumors just might be true. Not only might he hop into the race and challenge incumbent Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom for the District II seat in Fort Lauderdale, but he might even run for Mayor!

     Here’s how the exchange went down by e-mail:

Steve…. Did you see the comment that was submitted in the story about you…? Seems some want you to run for Commission… Is this the start of a good rumor ?….Tim

Tim…. Thank You ; checked it out – very nice …Received some call too!

So Steve…. I’m putting together an update on the blog about who’s in the race for Mayor/Commissioners, and want to include those that have rumors swirling about them?. Is it fair to say you are one with the swirling rumors? …Tim

Tim…. Thanks for the interest…Are you bugging my phone?… In all honesty, yes – I have been approached by friends and people I don’t even know personally who have asked me to consider running for either the District II seat, or for Mayor….. Steven

     That’s at least a non-denial ! …Tim


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