A Street Car Named Undesirable?

     The Public had it’s first chance to weigh in this Sunday on the new proposed “Wave”, a Street Car system for Downtown Fort Lauderdale. And at first blush, it seems their are quite a few Doubting Thomases !

     About 50 readers responded with comments to the Sun-Sentinel’s Story on the StreetCar.

 (click the link for the full story  – (http://www.sunsentinel.com/news/local/broward/sflflblightrail0427sbapr27,0,41729.story 

     Of the forty comments so far, 32 were opposed, 8 in favor.

     Here is a sampling of some of the more colorful responses:


“wires overhead, traffic tie-ups, are these guys smoking horse manure?” …


“this railplan will work when elephants fly!”


“with the bridges and traintracks… only efficient way to move people downtown is by helicopter!”

       and the ever popular….

“The DDA is smoking Crack!”

In Favor

“downtown will continue to be rebuilt, grow taller and attract even greater population”


“they have it all over Europe without all of this gloom and doom”

     Looks like the DDA will have it’s hands full to get this done…..

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