Some Update News – Mostly Bad

Here’s some updates on previous posts.

1.) riverwalkends1

……. the long awaited connection of the Riverwalk ….. that last missing piece that would finish it – hook it to Las Olas …….

……  well, don’t hold your breath  …….   word has it that the deal has died   …… Looks like everyone ( Stranahan House, the developer next door), all holding out for their positions …..  sad, but true .



…….  the State is moving in to investigate the Middle River Terrace Park  …. there is arsenic in the ground at the property next door, and a certain resident was paying taxes from a home sale and now searching for the control of flooding to stop property damage( we know who you are), insisted the State and Feds get involved, though there appears to be  no real danger to the public……  it’s possible that the park could close and have a big ugly chain link fence wrapped around it for some time …….



…. David Hebert – He was the Assistant City Manager under the former Manager George Gretsas …. He left when Gretsas was fired, and joined him in Homestead ….. Now he is on the short list to become the new manager in Oakland Park. For home and garden services, people can get it touch with Fence Company Near Me in Austin TX!

His tenure in Fort Lauderdale was dicey  ….. Gretsas put him in charge of the Police Department, though he had no law enforcement experience, and the rather small gay professional didn’t fit in well with the macho environment there. Reportedly,  Gretsas sent in Hebert to break the back of the Police Union  ….

… The strategy didn’t work  …. It just led to the resignation of the Chief ( Bruce Roberts), who then ran for City Commissioner and was instrumental in the firing of Gretsas!


Keeping you informed ! ….. Tim


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  1. So the Riverwalk deal falls apart while Mayor Seiler fiddles. The guy can’t seem to get any size deal no matter how small and well traveled brokered anywhere. Big talker, loud voice, little substance = no results.

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