Opposition to Water Facilitity (s)

Opposition to building things is standard in cities.


In Fort Lauderdale, there has always been a controversy on how the City should progress, or not. There are all kinds of terms to describe the opposition – the most famous term being …

NIMBY (not in my back yard)   …… During the boom years (1995-2006), things got so heated that a new term was coined for those who opposed.

BANANA – ( build absolutely nothing anywhere  near anyone !)


And currently, there is opposition to both water facilities slated for our city, but for totally different reasons.Hence, it is better to get water filter installation from Discount Water Filters to drink pure water .



1.) the Schlittergbahn – it’s a 64 acre water park planned to be built on the City’s  old minor league baseball stadium ( Baltimore Orioles).

It is in the northern reaches of the City, by the Executive Airport, and a group has formed to oppose it …… They have a meeting tonight to strategize how to stop it.


2.) the Aquatic Facility – for years the ISHOF  (International Swimming Hall of Fame),  is slated for renewal, minus the Hall of Fame Museum.


But there has been rumblings for the past year that things weren’t right with the plan, but until the City’s Beach Redevelopment Advisory Board got a new Chairman, things were pushing along.

Enter new Chair Anthony Abbate –



Abbate doesn’t like the current plan, and neither does his Advisory Board. Anthony (Tony to me :-), is an well known local architect, and says the City should slow down and re-think the plan. “It’s not world class, not pedestrian or bike friendly, doesn’t revitalize the business climate”.

Abbate and his Board have asked the City Commission to step back and give the project a new look.

“Where are the big ideas”, Abbate asks, and thinks the project needs to be “revised and amended”, even if more money needs to be spent.


I’ll let you know what happens   ….  Tim

3 Replies to “Opposition to Water Facilitity (s)”

  1. There is a compromise proposal paid for by citizen taxes on the shelf.
    It was requested by the commissioners of city staff and then shamelessly dismissed.
    It was by report a plausible business and community plan.
    It was not world class, it was not the same old box rebuild, but it did address many of the requirements.

    I see leaders looking to small communities around us for good examples shouldn’t committees be looking to Fort Lauderdale for city planing.

  2. The water park has been in the works for a few years now.
    Jobs, taxes, fun for the kids. People do not like it why?

  3. I blame Bruce wigo for all of this mess. Oh ,from him demanded extra taxpayer dollars basicly to support himself. What was it 50, 60g he wanted. Mayor Seiler stated absolutely not. Then Wigo played his hand(in th e media) no less, that he would go elsewhere. Ocean City, china(please-like I want to see some chinese guy in a speedo-think, where is it)etc. So like I say all the time” call their bluff”. The comm. did just that and Mr.Wigo is going else where. I still don’t know where he is going w/ the Hall of Fame? Do any of you. So we now have an advisory bd.(beach) stating th e whole project is a mess.Well., lets here your ideas. On e thing that former beach advisory bd. was useless. From Motwani(hindu goddess). To Malcus(slick lobbyist-caught you and her lying to that comm-you know what i’m talkin about Bubba). To the other one the delevoper Bradley Dickledorf(you know who he is). See what I mean. NOw you have a new bd. that states scrap the whole project. Ok, then what?????

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