Crime Drops Like Rock !

For those of you who have followed this blog for awhile, you know I have been watching- bitching- moaning- pleading, about the high rate of crime in the neighborhoods off 13th Street for quite some time.You can also find DUI attorneys to help you legally .You can check drug charge attorneys for hire if you need the best criminal attorney help!




You’ll remember that those neighborhoods have had the highest rate of crime, the most burglaries, and has been riddled with thugs and thieves for far too long. If you are a victim of any crime, it is best to contact an experienced drug crime attorney serving Missouri to give you legal counseling and represent your interests.

But finally, crime in those areas is falling like a rock !




With the lone exception of LakeRidge, all the 13th Street area neighborhoods have seen crime plummet, some areas dropping to numbers not seen in nearly a decade. Citywide, crime is down just 3%, and there are some troubling stats elsewhere in the City (more on that in a minute), but success for these neighborhoods is big news! For criminal attorneys, Brookhaven criminal lawyer for hire can be checked out!

The reductions can be attributed to numerous factors, including increased patrols, ILP (Intelligent Lead Policing) SmartWater, etc., but the bottom line is that the Calvary has finally arrived!




A few neighborhoods have seen crime go up over this same time last year, some substantially. Those include Coral Ridge, Flagler Village, Harbordale, and Victoria Park, and you should surely be bitching, moaning – well, you get the picture!

The FLPD is to be commended for this progress, and as always, the success or failure should be laid on those in charge – so the 13th Street Alliance will be formally thanking Chief Adderley at their in September!






10 Replies to “Crime Drops Like Rock !”

  1. So now the Department has cleaned up the 13 area and crime is up in my neighborhood. That does not make me happy. Please publish Chief Adderley’s phone number so me and all me neighbors can give him a call. Thank you.

    1. If you’re too lazy or dumb to get the chief’s number you shouldn’t be using a phone. Here’s a hint since you’re already on the internet, try the police department web site.

      1. America,
        What prompted that unprovoked attack toward John Dillinger? Did the villagers of Whoville express happiness and joy? We know how you can’t stand for that! Rush in and snatch the joy from them. Crush their spirit!

  2. Congrats Tim. I know you and many others at the 13th Street Alliance have worked long and hard on crime in the area. Keep up the great work.

      1. America, don’t you have a Christmas to steal? A piece of candy to snatch from a baby? A scummy politician to tout? Go back to your garden and eat worms.

        1. What prompted that unprovoked attack? I am actually a Tim supporter. I just was commenting on the poster that said Tim and many others were personally responsible for the drop in crime. Sorry if that offended you.

          I offer credit to the FLPD because we’re quick to criticize them when crime is up even though they have been giving this area extra attention for decades.

  3. I love this free Wi-Fi that my new barber shop has(or should I say that my former landlord paid for) can chime in anytime of day(bad for some of you). Anyways, I am glad that crime has dropped since I gave you the crime stats Tim. Good job. People are getting th e hint to stay away from your neck of the woods Tim. It is concerning that according to your reports crime is on th e move in Victoria Pk(here is your chance Charlie King to show the residents over there that you got their back, drop the key board and help your neighbors out). Keep up the good work. Chief Adderley worked very hard to bring this crime down over there tim, thank him….(ps. Chief one thing why couldn’t your neighbor(plantation top cop) mind his own business “that day” (“911 call-myob.) Water under the bridge @ this point)

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