More Chief Door-to-Door

I’ve told you a few weeks back that our Police Chief is on a mission. This week he is still going strong.

Thursday evening, he brought a small contingent of his Officers and met up with members of the Middle River Terrace Improvement Club to hand out more Smartwater kits in the neighborhood that seems to be solving its’ burglary epidemic.



Despite it being an off/on rainy evening, the Police and Citizens managed to hand out another 32 kits before calling it a (wet) night. To date, nearly half the homes in Middle River Terrace now have the anti-crime forensic Smartwater.

As we all returned to the park to turn in our lists and go home, the Chief and one Officer were still not back.

“Don’t worry”, said the Detective ” the Chief brought his umbrella” !




6 Replies to “More Chief Door-to-Door”

  1. I haven’t seen Chief adderley at my door yet. Come on by. I make great coffee.Speaking of door to door actions or more like packets delieverd to me. Hang in there(DPW -gang of 13). I received again the packet. i will find out if you were unjustly fired or in the process of getting let go(Sharp law firm). Justice will be served.I don’t know who or whom sent this packet. However, I will look into this. I allready called OPS, messages for Mr.Feldman etc. I hope some of you are not playin games. We will see. Hang in there.Tim, this packet concersn DPW workers(13) that are stateing that the DPW Head is harassing them. Mr. Anand-what is going on??????)

  2. To continue w/ The”- Gang of 13″.After some research Tim, this involves 13 present,former DPW staff that have retained an att. Chris Sharp who is doing a Citizens Presentation Tuesday nite(CIT-1).I received a packet over the weekend that was also given to the comm. by Att.Sharp on Jun4,or5. So they are aware of his intentions(email). First of all if these 13 have retained you Mr.Sharp your approach in doing a Citizens Presentation is showing your clients no service(good). I mean is he a concerned citizens or speaking on behalf of his clients??. The Mayor and the comm. have nothing to do w/ their complaints/issues. They are stating that they are being harrassed etc. by the DPW director. It is currently being investigated by OPS and when they are through it will be made public. However if this DPW dir. is guilty of these allegations I know for a fact Mr.Feldman(city man) will terminate this director. Lets let the OPS do their job. To the 13. Be careful who you hire seems to me Mr.Sharp is exploiting your concerns. If your complaints, issues prove to have merit , you go no where. Hang in there. Att.Sharp I am anxiously awaiting your presentation. I have to tell you all to have sent me this packet(whoever).I don’t want to see he said, you said crap. >I want to see facts. If you are correct and your claims hav emerit I can assure this DPW director will be packing. Again though if this is all bs Att.Sharp you don’t get a dime. Also to point out also in th e packet is th e3-2 vicory fo r the civil service issues. If these “gang of 13” our Civil Service this alone will cause chaos. Heed the warning. OPS I am on your side. There will be no retailation(trust me Lill)….

  3. To continue w/ my above posts Tim alot has transpired. This whole mess w/ this DPW director is now being investigated by an”outside person” that the city manager has hired. Mr.Feldman did not feel comfortable investigating the “gang of 13” issues. These allegations(for now) are quite serious Tim. The DPW workers (13) are stating bullying,harrrassment, belittling etc. I think this is an easy one quite frankly. If through this investigation proves that the employees(13) are being subjected to all of this,then the DPW director will be let go(yes). I mean come on. This Att.Sharp that is representing them proves that this misconduct has been going on then the City(Feldman) will have no choice but to let the director(DPW) go. There will be no pot of gold at th end of the rainbow.To the “13” hang in there. Let the process take place. Keep me informed. I think if I was a betting man the odds are not w/ director. I hope for his sake (job) I am wrong..

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