Update on McKinzie Lawsuit

Today was the hearing, brought by two residents of District III, asking to deny Robert McKinzie the Fort Lauderdale Commission seat.





The lawsuit for an injunction, stating that McKinzie didn’t live in the District,  was denied by the Judge –




tell it to the Judge

The Judge said, basically, that there was not an emergency, as the City had already sworn McKinzie in, but that the Plaintiff Attorney could come back to the Court and file a motion for a full hearing ( on whether or not McKinzie met the qualifications for the seat – residing in the District).

The Plaintiff’s attorney thinks they can prove that McKinzie actually lives in Plantation.




Plaintiff  Attorney Bob Nichols

 Interestingly, after the hearing ended, McKinzie’s lawyer Greg Durden,  told me that McKinzie had just petitioned the Property Appraiser to delete the Homestead designation from his house in Plantation.



McKinzie attorney Greg Durden, (on left!)


No word yet if the plaintiffs will file for the full hearing.



3 Replies to “Update on McKinzie Lawsuit”

  1. I am so disappointed in commissioners Dubose, Roberts, n trantalis but also the mayor in his comments. Sad day for ethics in ft Lauderdale n judge Carlos Rodriquez seems unfit to practice law let alone be a judge. What skeazebag special interest group got this clown on the bench?

  2. does it matter?reallytim?
    youprobably won’t post this but if this is what the handfulof movers and shakers in dist 3 want, along with the 5 on the dais,
    dubose will grow up in Tallahassee when the rough and tumble repubs show no reapwct let alone give him the floor
    unless the catatonic dist 3 folks make their voice heard via votes come march 2015, really why should it matter?
    sistrunk runs to victory park, free wi-fi ia all ver NW fll CRA , Carter Park will get millions of dollars more for whatever, so who is compalining?
    can’t wait to see how many NO – SHOWS mackenzie is for LATE NIGHT ft ldle mtgs paying $2500./month gross.
    if he is a real contractor he is bringing in $500K a year MINIMUM GROSS.
    city pay won’t put fuel in his truck.

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