Abbott and the Boat Parade


Love Thee Neighbor Plans “Homeless Armada” in Boat Parade
Following his continuing defiance of City ordinances and high-profile protests at Mayor Jack Seiler’s home, Arnold Abbott today announced his plan to have a “Homeless Armada” in the annual Winterfest Boat Parade, consisting of a lead boat, a cooking/feeding barge and various support boats.
Abbott and Seiler at news conference
Abbott says his plan is to provide food at numerous locations along the parade route so the homeless can eat while they watch the parade.
Although most homeless are downtown or on the beach, he plans to make other stops at parks, residential lots and businesses along New River and the Intracoastal, enabling the homeless to watch the parade from numerous locations, from Riverfront to Shooters and back.
Asked whether he had approval from the Winterfest Committee, he said “I don’t ask for permission from the City, why should I need permission from Winterfest.  What are they going to do, have the Coast Guard sink us?”
In addition to the feeding mission, Cross Chartering Yacht Transport lead boat will feature “Homeless Celebrities” who will be available for media interviews condemning the City’s heartless attitude.  Awards will also be given in many categories, including most sensational media coverage, and best high-profile local attorneys who are donating their time to insure the homeless are fed somewhere they don’t live, and aren’t anywhere near their homes.
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  1. Firstly, thank you Commissioner Smith for letting people like me who have to go to Europe or other places but live in Ft. Lauderdale (South Middle River) know what the heck is going on back home.
    Secondly, What kind of public relations LUNATICS are on the Ft. Lauderdale City Commission. As an observant Jew who supports most actions of the City Commission I was outraged they had not only a meeting but a “Salute the City’s volunteers event on the (religious) First Day of Passover, but that our Mayor made an assine comment about “deferring issues a Jew would be interested in” as if I have “Jewish” items on a City Agenda, then the “public relations” guy at City Hall misinforms everyone Passover, which consists of two night meals on the night before the First Day of Religious Services and the night before the Second Day of religious services, but is celebrated by eating Matzos etc. during 8 days, is in fact “celebrated for 8 days, and one day or another doesn’t matter!) unbelieveable ignorance from a 10 or 20 year event of government in a County with one of the largest Jewish populations on the planet.
    Then the Mayor insults the Jewish Commnity by appearing on the night before, not a Jewish HOIDAY like Passover, but on the religious Eve of a HIGH HOLY DAY making a Jewish High Holy Day a “day to honour an ex-assistant city Manager!!!!!!!! Then in my neighborhood with Orthodox Jews, the City’;s traffic office holds a traffic meeting on a Saturday, our Sabbos, so Othodox Jews that are effected can’t attend.
    then there is the electing of a PLANTATION RESIDENT to a Fort Lauderdale City Commission seat!
    And the CONTINUING INTERNATIONAL COVERAGE of our OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY OF MODERN PUBLICITY City Commissioner lead by the Mayor because neither the Mayor of City Commission has successfully explained the reasons for the problems with the homeless and their advocates.
    The arrogance, not evil, the stupidity, not corruption, of the Mayor and City Commission has caused our problems I believe.
    So far the City Commission has outraged Jews, those who want honest government, those who want to help the unfortunate who are hungry or homeless, and I wonder what people will feel like when the City Mayor and Commission discloses they plan to spend ONE BILLION DOLLARS on new stormwater schemes and an INCREASE IN THE SALES TAX for “transportation”!!!!
    I don’t know how “good intentions” and “honest government” can have so screwed things up the City is getting a reputation as greedy, heartless, clueless, clod-land!!!!!!! I mean, “Mr. Intregirty” Dean Trantalis voting to put a PLANTATION RESIDENT IN AS A FORT LAUDERDALE CITY COMMISSIONER – what in the name of Heavens is going on back home??????
    I can’t even watch CNN International News without seeing us, the people of Ft. Lauderdale, portrayed in a negative way!

    I wish everyone back home a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, even Dean Trantalis and Mr. Cox the homeless guy from City Hall Commission meetings,

  2. Mr. Cox esteemed citizen and activist who has spoke on every item at every meeting both conference and commission since August has kicked their butts and then some with one hand tied behind his back.
    (Did not think it was possible because even FtLdle Land Barons couldn’t do it.)

    Isn’t there an FtLdle advisory board that needs that kind of dedication from a member?

  3. I feel very sorry for Mr Abbott and his supporters. People who can not adjust or change with the times are not going to get everything they want in life. I hope the City Commission listens to the residents and businesses that are affected by these feeding events. As a city we are not monsters, I can’t think of anyone I know in this town who hasn’t helped with some event, fund raiser, project or charity to make life better for those in our community who need assistance. I resent the “heartless city” that the media has thrust upon us. Mr Abbott wants to be in the boat parade… go for it. It’s the way we as a town celebrate. Mr. Abbott to be a celebrity and now it appears wants HIS OWN charity. Please give the city government credit for making it possible for him to do what he likes for so long. However, He does need to have more cleaniness in the area he chooses and a place for people to wash their hands and go to the potty. Several locations have been offered to him… BUT he wants HIS OWN area of the beach for the city to clean up —- (doesn’t everyone? ) I am FOR the ordinance and thank you Tim for all the work. you have done in this city. I wish Mr Abbott’s supporters would stop with his “heartless’ remarks. Many of us have done lots towards helping the homeless including adopting families, which thousands help us do every year. Lots of people would help him too if he wasn’t so intent on having his own charity his own way. I’m proud of the projects by Fort Lauderdale people. Who cares who gets the “glory”? Thank you.

  4. HOLY MATZABALLS, oops it’s them BAGELS got der hooleies. I thought our Jewish CITY MANAGER was in charge of these things like scheduling Holy Easter..
    But somehow everybody agrees on that date …But Xmas…huh fugeddabout it. we got Black Friday right? Whaaat dey sayin a’bout dat on Sistrunk? Guess I’ll ash Arnold to serve wine with the meals,,kosher wine ok?

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