Toys/Kids/YOU !

…… So I was getting a little nervous wasn’t I, the Central City Alliance’s Christmas shindig for the best kids in our area was getting close , (it’s this Sunday from 2pm until 5 pm in the Middle River Terrace Park )…. and you were supposed to take a toy to the Christmas Palace on 13th Street, and only 6 toys had been collected !  ….yikes!  .



….. You’ll also remember that we decided that again this year, we would let our three local elementary schools pick 75 kids that were gettings A’s in class, despite growing up in abject poverty…. And we would give them one hell of a Christmas party for their tremendous efforts . …  !


toyspoorkid  toyspoor


….So I drove over to the Christmas Palace this morning, hoping that you had come through for the kids, that we would have enough toys stacked on stacks !   …….




…….  David from the Christmas Palace and this little elf started putting box after box in the van for the trip to the park…




…. Just then I got a call from Caldwell Cooper, who said to get over to his office and collect the dozens of toys his wife had picked up for the kids !


….. I started feeling better   …. We got to the historic Annie Beck House (where we are storing the toys until Sunday) and started counting to see if you had brought in enough goodies to do the job…




….Santa’s little helper started stacking up the toys and giving them a count   …. And a broad smile broke out on the elf’s face!

…… We need a few more, but things are looking up!  …If you still have a toy, just bring it to the park on Sunday ( at 2 pm if possible)  …. Santa will be arriving about then (in a Model T Ford) ……   and then it’s party’s on !









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  1. Arnstein & Lehr has 8 gifts and some for little brothers and sisters who may be there – no sad faces, please. These will be delivered tomorrow. Tim, thanks for your long lasting and giving leadership.


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