Citywide Mailer – But By Whom ?


…… The mailer arrived today ….  Came in the regular mail to the Smith Family ( or Current Resident)  …..

It demands …….



mailerpay atteniton  ………  ok, paying attention   ….


It tells us it’s

……………   NOT TOO LATE !  

The return address is

……………  Make My Voice Heard –  PO Box   …#350641 …




….When you turn the mailer over, it tells you that  WE MUST ACT NOW   …BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE    ….

……Wow, got my attention again ! ….. So I read on  ….It tells of  “drastic changes” to our beaches  ….. they say it will “change the character of our community forever”   …..   It continues on about the coming development proposals for the Bahia Mar Hotel , the mega-project at the Galleria, the beach Fire station swap ……

…. Nobody seems to know who is behind the mailer (or maybe they’re just not telling me!)   ….But it is evident that it is prepared by beach residents that feel the big projects coming to the beach will very bad for the city, very bad for the beach   …


mailerbigbuildings (Not really beach projects, just file photo of big buildings 🙂


…… . Then they ask you to sign up to the discussion by sending an e-mail to    

……………. I love when citizens speak up, even if you don’t know who they are !

………….  hmmmmmmm ….what do you think?


9 Replies to “Citywide Mailer – But By Whom ?”

  1. These giant buildings shoud stay in New York or Dubai ! …We are a littler beach town, or we used to be. I might have to move back to Omaha.

  2. Let me say this, the late Mr. Hoover, son or grandson of the founder of Hoover Vacuum Cleaners became a great naturalist here in South Florida and said Miami Beach should never have been built on. I said, great! only millionaires who inherited their money should live on huge estates in South Florida and the rest of us should stay in the cold West, Mid-West, and East!

    As for the old White Guys from the Mid-West who have part-time condos they purchased cheaply on the oceanfront or bayside and whose children or grandchildren will sell them to developers in future years while the old Farts complain about “overdevelopment”, REALLY! Yes, the Beach is OVERDEVELOPED, but why? Because the loudmouths who complain NEVER GO TO MEETINGS, NEVER SIGN UP FOR BOARDS or COMMITTEEs NEVER CONTRIBUTE to candidates’ and generally ARE CHEAPSAKE CRYBABIES!

    I saw this on Miami Beach, the SAVE MIAMI BEACH crowd all were looking to kill developments so that they could DRIVE UP THE PRICES ON THEIR CONDOS or BUILDINGS NOT TO PRESERVE SOUTH BEACH!


    Do you know some of these “anti-development” groups HASNT FILED THEIR CORPORATE REGISTRATIONS IN YEARS! THESE ACTIVISTS HAVE PHONE NUMBERS THAT ARE NEVER ANSWERED BECAUSE THEY ARE PART TIME RESIDENTS – and I know this weekend I tried to call one activist to alert her to a meeting and NO ANSWER FOR FOUR DAYS!!!!!

    I bet I will be the only one to speak against the Bahia Cabanas deal!

  3. I’m always a little suspect about a request for personal contact information, especially when I don’t know who it’s from.

    It was a clever marketing piece, designed to tap in to the human fear of change. And regardless of how I feel, if someone has GENUINE concerns about the future of our City, I would hope they also had the courage to own them and identify themselves. I love our City. I also like my online security.

    I shredded mine.

  4. I thought the same thing, Mr. Smith. I didn’t read into it as being beach centered. The development city wide will continue unless more neighborhoods gather as one voice. That seems to hold more weight than an individual.

  5. I’m not afraid to sign my name to anything I write. I will look at each project on it’s own merits and it’s each unique situation. I’m probably one of the few people who has read every single published document on each of these projects. I’ve read the lease, the traffic reports, the DRC report, the staff reports, the developer’s narrative, etc. The three projects mentioned in the anonymous flyer differ enormously. But the only way you are going to understand the differences is to take the time to read the documents. Guess what, the public only gets 48 to 72 hours to read this stuff – guess what I do with those 48 or hours – I read for most of them. That’s the time we are given for our learning curve – use it wisely. Fight with knowledge, not rhetoric. As far as the next one up on the dance card, Bahia Mar, – I disagree with Tim assessment of authorship, I don’t think beach residents wrote that anonymous flyer. Most everyone I listen to on the beach loves that project. We’re a beach that has tasked ourselves with being a world class destination. We’ve got an 80 million dollar CRA redevelopment order to fill and that barely scratches the surface of what the beach needs in both infrastructure and improvement – and that money DOES have a clock. So, any time some one wants to come to our beach and invest 400 million private dollars, you can bet I’m going to spend every minute I have learning about that project and the development team. I think that makes me better informed that reading an anonymous tri-fold flyer.

    Abby Laughlin

  6. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

  7. Abby mclaughlin has her head screwed on! We need more thinking less screaming without reading or thinking to know the wheat from the shaft

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