Do Good This Christmas !

……. This is another attempt to try and get you to buy a toy for a kid,( for their Christmas cheer), who are getting A’s in our local elementary schools, despite growing up in poverty ! We are holding those kids a party, and that takes presents !



…… We started getting the venue for the gift giving party ready yesterday …..  The shindig  for the kids will be in the Middle River Terrace Park, at the historic, 100 year-old Annie Beck House ……..on Sunday, December 20, from 2 until 5…



…. Rob was busy yesterday boarding up the lattice work that had been kicked out of the skirt of the historic house, by homeless camping underneath,( gotta make the house presentable for the party) !

….. Now your job is to buy a toy, leave it unwrapped and deliver it to the Christmas Store this week, this week !  …. would you, would you please !!



… Look at it this way, buying the toy and delivering it to the Christmas Store this week is far easier than Cindy’s job at the historic house yesterday……..

……   The house will be decorated sweetly for the festivities, the kids (and you) will be fed generously, there will be live Christmas music, and the Mayor, and some Commissioners will be there singing the Christmas  carols ( oh boy!)   …


….After you deliver that toy, this week ( for a boy or girl, doesn’t matter), send me an e-mail to, so I’ll know that we’ll have enough toys   ….We are honoring 75 kids, and to date, have ….  6 toys – Yikes !

…..   If you need to find me, try looking for me at the historic house ! (see above) …

……….     Tim




5 Replies to “Do Good This Christmas !”

  1. Six Toys….Really people?!? Now I’m sure there is going to be a handful of people from the “neighborhood” that will be reading this, if for no other reason than to find something to bitch about….with this whole “us against them neighborhood vs. business district crap”! Well, here’s my unsolicited two cents; just get over yourselves, ALL of you,(Tim I want you to take a deep breath too…) for just ten minutes this holiday season and for once try to work toward a common goal no matter who you have to stand next to and GET THE KIDS SOME TOYS! You people are so hung up on who is or is not getting recognition and your petty feuds and differences that you collectively get nothing done(yet you all work so hard paddling in circles)….so for once, as a gift to the ENTIRE COMMUNITY why don’t you all just try to work together with nobody needing the credit or bashing another to do something nice for the kids because it’s not about you anyway! Gift giving is supposed to be about the GIVING not the GETTING. Yikes people! Grow up! Sincerely, Robert Oscar

  2. Jealousy, or whatever the evil, negative nay-sayers motivation is, the fact is , Tim Smith has given back to the community tri-fold, so either join him in his community efforts, appreciate all the good things he does, but don’t disrespect him just because you personally don’t like him… The people on Nextdoor trying to discredit him ought to look within themselves and see how they can follow his lead and spend time doing positive things instead of looking at the negative all the time… Time wasted at the keyboard only makes them look small- spend that time and go buy a toy for the less fortunate, and perhaps you just might feel a little better about life, and yourself. After all, “tis the season for peace on earth and goodwill toward men!

  3. OK Tim….. you got me to do it ! I took some really nice toys over to the Christmas store so I hope you get to your necessary goal. I will try and get to the Xmas Party on the 20th. You rock

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