The Christmas Party

So this is your official invitation !



…. This is the one I’ve been obsessing over ….. We invited the most accomplished little elementary kids that are excelling in our local schools, despite being very disadvantaged   ….

……   We asked YOU to take toys to the Christmas Palace,  and at first the effort was looking meek, but then  ….


…… filled up the tree  ….  but we needed more so  …




…. you brought MORE !!!  ….filled up another tree !  …. Now we can still use some more great toys, but what we really need now is YOU !!   ….Can you come?




….   ……  … The party is Sunday, in the Middle River Terrace Park ( 1329 N, Dixie) from 2 until 5    …. There will be food, games, fun, the big shots, ….  and the giving of the toys !!!!  ….

….I hope you’ll come ….everyone is invited, I’d even invite   ….



………..   anybody got his number ???






2 Replies to “The Christmas Party”

  1. I regret that I have a commitment and can’t attend on Sunday.. I will say, that I have been to many of the Christmas Parties that Tim has had at Middle River Terrace Park, and I had a great time. I would definitely attend if I didn’t have the previous commitment. Tim, I wish you and your family and guests a very Merry Christmas. Thank you all for your efforts to make your neighborhood and Fort Lauderdale a better place for all of us to live!

  2. Tim, CONGRATULATIONS to you and all of the elves. The Christmas party was a resounding success under your leadership. It will be even more spectacular next year.

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