Racists Cops Rehired ?


…. ….. Have you forgotten that the City suspended four Police Officers a few years back for posting terrible  anti-gay and anti-black messages on the internet?



…… well guess what ?   …   On Wednesday, (Feb. 17th)  at 9 am …. on the third floor of City Hall, those same Officers might get rehired! … really !




… there will be an arbitration hearing where those Cops will ask for their jobs back, probably saying they are reformed racists and homophobes …

….  And what’s even worse  … I heard that at first, the City Attorney suggested not opening the  hearing to the citizens  …. really !




….but that decision was reversed, thank God, and you can attend the meeting….I’m going, because nothing could be worse than rehiring those Cops  …… we are not the kind of City that should allow this type of behavior  ….  Can you come and join me?   …see you Wednesday morning….9 am  ….3rd floor ….City Hall




2 Replies to “Racists Cops Rehired ?”

  1. Great article Tim. I remember Assistant City Manager Dave Hebert saying these officers were bad when he was in charge of the police department. Hopefully these officers don’t get their jobs back

  2. Hey Tim, how ya doin’? So how did the hearing go?…. please update everyone with a post to let us all know if you could, greatly appreciated! I do have one other question though: maybe you could explain to everyone how it is possible for the City Attorney to even suggest such a hearing be done without public involvement… is that even legal? I know it definitely isn’t ethical! Hope to see you all soon and thanks again for looking out for us! – Robert

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