Tim’s Picks !

     The City Elections are just one week away.
                                                      ……………………….. (in Fort Lauderdale!)

      It starts with a Primary next Tuesday, February 10th, and if the candidates don’t reach at least 50% plus one, then the top two vote getters in each race move on to a General Election on March 10th.

     I’ve decided to tell you who I’m backing! ….. and why!

It’s a most important election for Fort Lauderdale. Term limits kick in for the first time in Fort Lauderdale’s 98 year history (can everybody say thanks Tim! ) …. and at least a majority (3) of the City Commissioners will be brand – spanking new!
     Citizen leaders are talking new direction, vision, leadership.

So even though it might be smarter and safer for me to sit back and see who wins, I decided it’s my responsibility and civic duty is to sound off. So here I go!

               ………  in the Mayor’s race

                  …..   I’m supporting Jack Seiler ……

     We have four choices to pick from, and in my humble opinion, Seiler stands out. Here’s why;

      First, …….. he has a substantial political track record, nearly blemishless. He has built himself a solid State-wide reputation as a respectful man, a team builder, and a capable public servant.
      After decades of the divisive, controversial, and combative Mayor, Jim Naugle,  Seiler seems to be the perfect counterpoint.  

     Second, …….. like all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, the pressure will quickly be on Seiler to pull the City back together again. To accomplish that, he’ll need to bring everyone to the table to find a way to settle some long standing flashpoints, not limited to  …….. how much development is the right amount for the City?, …… how do we make our diverse population feel included and respected?,   …… how do we bring the long suffering NorthWest into the success story called Fort Lauderdale?
      I think Seiler just might have the “right stuff”  to pull it off.  If he does, nothing will stop him from reaching even greater heights in the world of politics in the future.    

       We are lucky to have other Candidates of high caliber running for Mayor also. Let’s hope former Commissioner Dean Trantalis finds a way to stay involved and relevant if he doesn’t win. He’s quite capable, smart and has a devoted following.

     And Earl Rynerson has come a long way from near local obscurity to lightening rod in just a few short months. He should also stay involved if he doesn’t win. His gutsy demeanor, and passion to stop government from wasting tax dollars could come in quite handy over the next few years. 

     Steve Rossi found his voice late in the process, but came up with some interesting ideas.


     I’ll be back to discuss the District Commissioner races next! …………. thanks, …. Tim





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