Tim’s Pick … District IV

     District IV  is the southern part of the city.

     It takes in most of the Downtown, the southern-most portion of the beach, and the 17th Street Causeway neighborhoods. It rolls through upscale Rio Vista and wanders past historic Sailboat Bend.
     Then it heads south and west up Davie Boulevard and ends up at the City’s southern boundary by the Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

The seat has belonged to term-limited Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson for the past nine years. The race to decide her replacement seems close.

     Many race watchers think it might be boiling down to a match-up between Romney Rogers and Coleman Prewitt. 

                                               Rogers                             Prewitt        

     Rogers is old school,  Prewitt is the new comer.

     I’m supporting Prewitt
. ………………..  and here’s why!

     ……….. Prewitt’s been very impressive on the campaign trail. He’s exceedingly bright, and has been demonstrating a solid grasp of all the issues. He talks about his ” four-point plan”, a road map for Fort Lauderdale’s future. And, he has the support of many of the neighborhood leaders in the District.
      I’ve  watched many of the debates, and interviewed both men, and in my opinion, Prewitt has stood out as the most  passionate, well prepared, and thoughtful candidate of the group.

     Rogers is also a most impressive citizen, and a sincere man. He has given much of his life to altruistic endeavors, but seems to represent the past of Fort Lauderdale instead of the future. He has been endorsed by political giants Jim Naugle and E. Clay Shaw. If Rogers wins, he will make a most capable Commissioner.

     Also in the race are Jim Lewis, a locally infamous attorney with a folksy anti-development campaign, and George Trodella, a local businessman who hasn’t seemed to catch much fire.

           ………….  thanks, I’ll be back with more soon! ……………….. Tim




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