Tim’s Pick – District III

     District III  ………..

     It’s the part of our City ( 25%), that has been left behind.
     It houses most of our poorest residents, has a skyrocket crime rate, is riddled with ramshackle buildings, and contains the remains of years ago trash dumps with dangerous levels of carcinogens. It was the portion of the City reserved for black folks, and remains that way today.

     It was represented fiercely by firebrand Commissioner Carlton Moore for twenty years, who ran unsuccessfully for County Commission that ended his political career a few months back. 


     The temporary Commissioner ( Dr. Magdalene Lewis) , who was appointed to fill Moore’s seat for the remainder of his term, is currently a candidate for the permanent seat.

                                                                             Dr. Lewis                                                                    

     But in this race, I strongly support Bobby Dubose.


I met Dubose last summer, when we met up at Sistrunk Boulevard’s Soul Food Diner, Betty’s. I was immediately impressed. Dubose grew up off Sistrunk, left for college, and returned! He’s smart, pleasant, and committed to fixing the ills of the area he grew up in. He’ll be much less aggressive than Moore was, but with Naugle gone, his friendly nature and passion for the District might be enough.

     Much of the smart money is on Pamela Adams, a bright development professional, who is supported by Moore. She is most capable, but is a newcomer in the area, and might have difficulty forging the needed alliances to succeed.

     Also in the race is Nadine Hankerson,  a long time native that will probably garnish a fair amount of the long time residents.

                                   ………..  back in a bit!……..thanks, Tim


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