Tim Smith’s New Adventure ?

Dear friends ( and even the rest of you ūüôā …….

Cindy¬†and I had a very nice thing happen to us last week …….


…. Right at the time that Cindy and I¬† were celebrating our nearly 40 years together, we sold our¬†¬†Bear Creek Lodge and Cabins-¬†the cabins we have bought and built and developed in the¬†Georgia¬†mountains over the last¬†15 years¬† …..

We started Bear Creek after I served for two terms ( 6 years) on the¬†Fort Lauderdale City Commission,¬†self term limited myself to run for Mayor ( against¬†Jim Naugle),¬†and lost¬† ¬†……


(This was me smiling before the loss ……)

Since leaving public office in 2003,¬† Cindy and I have been traveling back and forth to Georgia to tend to the cabins, then back to Fort Lauderdale to continue our decades long mission to work with our team to finally fix the¬†13th Street part of Fort Lauderdale ….


Grand Opening 13 Street Festival Flyer

….. So next Saturday, we are kind of declaring victory for 13th Street, with this super fun event above, (you should come) …. So not only will I not be traveling back and forth to Georgia, but I can consider the 13th Street/4th ave area of Fort Lauderdale nearly¬† trending !!

So, at the ripe young age of 61, I am thinking of a new adventure¬† ¬†,,,, I feel great, have time ( and some money but don’t tell Cindy I said so ūüôā¬† …..

I want to continue to make a difference in our adopted great City –¬†Fort Lauderdale !

Hope to see you all next Saturday, maybe you will give me some ideas !



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  1. You should declare victory! What you have done for 13th Street is life affirming. You don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk. You.Get.It.Done. I’m watching it live and in person – the teamwork,the neighbors, the focus and the results. You made a better neighborhood, isn’t that what we all want – I know I do. I’m proud to invest in this community. But now that you have sold (almost) all of your worldly possessions – I agree – it’s time for a new adventure. See you at the Festival next week – it’s going to be amazing!

  2. Your wonderful accomplishment on NE 13th Street speaks for itself. The residents of the Commission District however have been unhappy so many problematic facilities have been placed here in recent years as thecurrent Commission had NO influence with his colleagues when zoning changes were made THAT HURT SINGLE FAMILY HOMES and residential areas. On my street alovely couple is selling their home because of traffic n parking problems by such a facility. Do you have ideas how to deal with this without a Commissioner who can influence his colleagues?

  3. Tim your the talk of the town(good name for a bar).Next will it be your announcement that yoy are running for district comm to replace Dean.Inciedently,little birdies are telling me that Dean is sooo intimidated that u r even considering running that any hour now Dean will announce his candidacy for mayor.Yes,mayor.I got to hand it to you Tim-yoy got them all jumpin.I stated to several of the players last month to makw nice,nice with you.Will see….Say hi to Jr.

  4. Tim Run for Mayor You think out of the Box and You get right in the Dirt of the Issues with Your Mind and Body and the history of You is someone that Fights for what You believe is Right and also Your history is your for All People I am Sure the Old Guard will be very worried if You Do.

  5. Tim wow my third comment to you today.Like the sayin goes your hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof.Well, from the calls today and to kuck it all off yesterday around 3:30 was when the ball started jumpin.Soon as you sold the cabins(now this was yeserday before your announcement that you sold the Paul Bunyon ranch)that soon as you sold etc. you were announcing your candidacy.Mean while Comm.Trantalias says no way and is finally listening to the gay New yorkers that dragged me involved that i could get Chatlotte Rodstrom to drop out and slide her into Deans seat or old seat.She says no waaay.Wait.They bring up if Char and Dean are running,Roberts wins because Char and Dean split the angry vote.So the players in the gay world thought get Chatlotte out and Deano here will endorse her for that seat.Then surprise,surprise you come along.I have been warning them all about you Tim and to make nice,nice.for months now.Welcome back Tim.

  6. Tim, we need you in city hall. You are a natural for mayor. I can even picture you in Tallahassee. You’re a leader and a can do guy.

  7. Congratulations to Cindy & Tim from the crazy Miami bunch. Hope you have the same great time we had in your beautiful Bear Creek Lodge. Slow down, enjoy life to the fullest. A trip to EUROPE looks good. All the best , chef. Andre & friends

  8. You can win the District Election but no Second District Commissioner can win citywide OBVIOUSLY as history shows those of us here for any amount of significant time

  9. Tim, it was nice chatting with you tonight at the store. We hope to see you on Saturday!

    Chad and the other Tim S.

  10. Boy are you going to have a great turn out as i type this Friday evening.Tomorrow at the 13th st.festivities ,which you and others work so hard bask in your glory.Also woed has it you are going to make announcement if you are going to run for district commissioner.If run,if you don.t run all eyes are on you tim.Make your list to these mayoral canidates and ti comm.canidates,if you decide not to run.Everything you request you will get.Trust me.Esp. mayoral canidates all three of them need and what your endorsement.Choose wisely.I regret i won.t be attending as i am on a detail in KeyWest.Take lots of pics for your blog..Best regards.Make sure Jr.gets plenty of exposure for his thrift shop.Ps. if you do decide not to run for comm.give Steve Glassman a try.Give you the shirt off his back if need be…..

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