Grand Reopening of 13th Street !


OK, here it  is   …….  time to forget about hurricanes and lack of electricity and cable ….. it’s

….Time to PARTY !

… We are reopening the brand new NE 13th street on Saturday Oct 21 with a big, big shindig   …. starting at 3 pm, walk or run the length of the street with us in the Funky Fun Run (go to to register). then we cut the “official” ribbon, then the party is on …..nationally recognized blues band  – Blues Riders, lots of food and booze choices, a pet parade and doggie contests, vendor booths, art,  pony rides for the kids, so much fun it should be illegal !

………… See you there  …… Tim  ….. ( if you know a vendor that wants in, call me at 954-822-4727)


5 Replies to “Grand Reopening of 13th Street !”

  1. The narrowing of 13th street, and especially that stupid traffic circle must have been thought-up by some kindergartner. The Sunrise Blvd / US1 corridor is growing by leaps and bounds and people with bubble gum degrees in traffic engineering think it’s a good idea to make the streets narrower, to LOWER capacity. Makes perfect sense to me.

    1. The long term residents of South Middle River n other west of North Federal Highway have worked with Commissioner Tim Smith n the City n County for 20 years to narrow 13th Street for children seniors n also pets. I gather Jeff has none of the above or attended planning meetings over the last 20 years.

  2. Another triumph for our beloved Community’s leader Commission Tim Smith who got the fuerkochta County Commission to renovate NE13th Street the new jewel of Middle River Terrace THANKS TO HIS DEDICATED WORK.

  3. Tim

    I are still in DC but should be back in FL in early October. We hope to be there for the grand opening!

    Best, Diane

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