I did it!

Today, I  went for it ! …. I did it! …..

…. I  filed papers with the City to run for the Fort Lauderdale (District II)  City Commission  ! …. again !

I told you all in my last post that I was looking for something really productive to do, in my ripe old age of 61, and I decided that this is it !


OK, sure …. that’s my first yard sign from my very first campaign in 1997, but after all, I’m a fiscal conservative ! …

All joking aside, it’s an especially challenging time for all of us in Fort Lauderdale. We have major infrastructure issues, the future growth of our  city needs to be planned, now, ….  public safety is, as always –  priority #1, …. and I hope you will find me the candidate best able to help get these important issues settled  … ….

More to follow  …..   call me anytime at  954-822-4727

……………  humbly, …. Tim





7 Replies to “I did it!”

  1. Thank the gods you are running…. District 2 has been abandoned by do-nothing Dean. Nothing accomplished, so much to do. I know you can get it done. Tim, you have before and you will again. You are our only hope, Obi wan Tim-Kenobi….:)

  2. Well i missed judge you Tim.I didn.t rhink you were running.I thought since you didn.t make the announcement last Sat.i thought you were just basking in the hoopla.Regardless,good luck to both you and Steve Glassman.Hw has an advantage on the beach because he lives there,and of course you have Middle and S.middle river terr.So actually you and Steve race is more exciting than the mayor’s race.I was leaning to make the recommedation that Charlotte Rodstrom run in this district seat.Now with you in the pic she needs to stay.However,what her platform is very similar to yours.Push for more debates with all canidate races.Fasten your seat belt because word has it Glassman can and will get very nasty.Although with merit you definitely have a challenge.Your ace in the hole is your not wet behind rhe ears..Let the race begin…

  3. Our block in South Middle River supports Tim Smith as he’s DONE THINGS while others haven’t.

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