Humbled and Excited !

I’m feeling quite humbled by the response from my fellow citizens to my last post when I told you I was in the race for City Commissioner for Fort Lauderdale, Dist. II ……. I wasn’t sure if  you would support my effort to re-enter politics, but it seems you have (at least most of you 🙂 ……And  if I’m lucky enough to be elected, this will be my daily mantra …


…( I’ll list some of the folks that have given me the green light this week to publicly list them as supporters,( at the bottom of this post)

But first,…..  let me tell you some of the things I am thinking need attention immediately  …..

We can’t have sewage floating in the street – ever .….


yuck ! ….. unacceptable ! …. though the City has appropriated 15 million and is working the worst lines, there needs to be much much more done – now ! – I mean yesterday !



The problem is the half of the City that didn’t get the new lines during the Water Works program ( I was  on the Commission that fixed the first half). Many of these 50 year old lines have leaks in them … When we have heavy rains, (like this week), the rain water goes into the waste lines through their holes, (infiltration) and the poo mixture can’t go into the treatment plant fast enough, so it bubbles up through the manholes and into the streets …..OMG

This has to be item number one! …..  ( I have more thoughts on funding sources, timetables etc, but that is for the next posts).   We need to get at this right … right  away,  so we can continue to redevelop the areas of the city that still need redevelopment badly.


Secondly, we need to find ways to reassure ourselves that we will not be swallowed by our own successes   …… We are in an overcharged economy, and many citizens want things slowed down, and they worry, reasonably,  that development is out of control, traffic a disaster, – and no one is tending to it   ….

Truth is, our population in Fort Lauderdale  has only grown by 5 % over the last decade or so…….  But Broward County, has exploded, and every day, 350,000, ……… yes 350,000 people,  western Broward residents, come into our City, and clog things up    …. I think there are things we can do, both short term and long term – (permanent solutions to this problem do exist), and I want the City to jump on this issue like a flea to a dog !!!



Can’t wait to post again !   ..…..   please keep an eye on this site and give me your feedback ….


here are just some of my supporters, so far 🙂 ……. pls. join !

Nina Randall ( former Middle River Terrace Pres)

Tim Schiavone ( Parrot Lounge)

Rob Edlin ( Flagler Village)

Howard Steinhols ( Seven Isles)

Vicki Mowrey ( Central Beach)

Abby Laughlin ( Central beach)

Steve Jacobson (former VP Lakeridge)

Marge Anderson (former Pres Middle River Terrace)

John Aurelius ( former Ft laud CC )

Ron Weinbaum ( Poinsettia Hgts Pres)

Logan Ritter ( MRT)

Jen Brugman (MRT)

Ross Parker ( Call of Africa)

Pastor Petit Frere

Ben Session ( former pres SMRCA)

Sal Gatanio ( former pres SMRCA)

Katherine Barry (past Pres CCA)

Charlie Ladd

Lorraine Saunders ( past Pres MRT)

Maureen ( Eat the Tea)

Donna Collins ( sec. SMRCA)

Cindy Smith – wife

Timmy Smith- son

Frank Palenco ( House of Art)

Rev. Luke Harrigan

Pastor Diane Mann

Dave Justin ( former treasure MRT)

Randall Klett ( former Prres MRT)

Mark Hensel ( former Pres MRT)

Sean (Le Boy)

George Mihau

Chuck Gregory – Board of CCA

Michael Haerting ( Cycle Party)

Chris ( cycle party)

Johua Tiktin ( Mass District)

Mark Hartman ( former Pres MRT)

Don Crinklaw

Elaine Viets ( famous local author)

Louise Birminham – MRT

Steve Greer – MRT

Gail Jacobson – Lakeridge

Hubert and Terry (SMRCA)

Rob and Carmen Smith (SMRCA)

Rayon Piper ( VP of CCA)

Jessica Piper – MRT

Dan Lewis – former mayoral candidate !

Tore Heubel – MRT

James Brady

Robin Merill

Doug Snyder

Caldwell Cooper

Rocky Bowell

Justin Greenbaum – CRA

Derrick Caglianone

Pam Caglianone

Amy Jones Hamilton – former Pres. Laudergate Isles

Vicki Eckels

Barry Curtis – MRT

Diane and Bill Smart

Bob Oelke

Neysa Rich Brady

Jack Moroney – 13th Street

Harris Soloman

Howard Elfman – former Dist II candidate !

Rob Stiegle

Linda and Karl Shallenberger

Mel Lenet

David and Susanna Coleman – MRT

Cliff and Michelle Stickler – MRT

Ray Thrower – SMRCA

Tom Rose

Jim Ober

Richard Eberhard – MRT

Steve and Beverly Stahl – MRT

Nick Saknofsky – former candidate

Brad Laird _ SMRCA

Frank Link – Central Beach

Ray Parker – Parker Playhouse

Michael Madfis

Michael Ferber – former candidate Dist II

Anthony Abbate

Dil Hatchette – MRT

Dan Murphy – MRT

John Day



………    would you add your name ?    …… comment on this blog or reach me at



9 Replies to “Humbled and Excited !”

  1. This race has bwcome very exciting between you and Steve Glassman.You both need to be in board to replace the city manager.You make a great point esp.about the poo etc.Mr Feldman clearly kicked the can down the road and it clearly back-fired.And his go big ,go fast is a little to Johnny come lately.And this Wave is a complete disaster.Tim have you seen rhe new trajectories on how much this will cost.I bring up some valid issues.To be fair i would like to see some debates at least one with you Tim and the other canidates.

  2. I’m excited too!

    That’s a staggering number – 350,000 people a DAY driving into our city! (OK, maybe some of them ride their bike….) That makes the 5,000 units slated for downtown seem less overwhelming. With only a 5% increase in population, we’re not so much growing as we are hosting. Our hospitality flowith over….in more ways than one….

  3. As I stated to you on the phone last week, you have my unwavering support. I look forward to campaigning with you and my choice for the Mayors race.

  4. Glad to hear that you’re working towards another time, solving the problems this city has. Often people seem to pay more attention to political games, instead of the actual job involved. You already proved you’re good at the job, which I hope translates into you being elected. Add my vote… Good luck!

  5. Well Maxy raised 10g since he announced.Means nothing.My suggestion be yourself Tim.This is why i am so persistent on debates.Get with the CBA Tim.You and the other canidates should have a forum.I would like to to see this.Before Thanskgiving.Preferably that Wed.night before Thansgiving.All the snowbirds that vote will definitely be in town obvoiusly.You need a debate Tim.Maxy here thinks he can throw some lobbyist money around and think he.s the Don,let him.Good luck,have fun,make a differnce etc.Tell you one thing the city manager Lee Feldman needs to go.Oh Hyman Roth here looks great,like a million bucks.He would say look whos talkin.One difference one man show Lee.Him looks like a million bucks on the backs of these residents.These residents jet i keep cuttin.YouHyman if they jet,end up kickin rocks.Will see.Up to me Tim Lee would be gone yesterday.You bring up good point with the sewer fiasco.Fix it Tim and sky is the limit.This is why we need debate.Ps.say hello to Jr…

  6. Also whoever takes over district two,you keep Scooter,which would be Scott Wyman.He knows the district inside and out.Plus he is a wiz on the computer.Don.t think he would be stale bread.Whomever prevails he will show 100% Alligiance and Loyality…

  7. Just when i thought ok Bruce Roberts is the best canidate to prevail i get yoy were lied to Robert.I get they bam boozled you Walsh.All referring to his pension.I asked Brittany whats yp with the pension.She states 5k per month.Wonderful pain in the arse guess who Charlie King states Comm.Roberts got a huge lum sum.So here we go again this time offical PIO request .Again how much?Any lump sum?.So here we go again.Unless i was lued etc.I stick with Bruce.In the unfortunate scenario that Bruce got some absurd lump sum then the endorsement stinks.If King us right then i reassess.What Bruce is detractors are grasping for straws.Will they get lucky.Will see.Lets play ball.Wheres my debates???

  8. Ok .In regards to Comm.Roberts pension benefits etc.I was correct the pension is 5k per month.No pension extra for being police chief.No extra pension for being commissioner.What Charlie King is basically aluding is Roberts severance package when ur was mutually agreed that he resign.How much did Bruce get?.This is what i will find out.In all fairness as police chief it wasn.t like he was making ten bucks an hour.Well how significant was the golden handshake worth.This is what i will find out.No eating shoe leather as of right now..

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