Tidbits on Foul County Commission Election

     Politics !

     Just the latest example of why we love to hate our elected officials –

                              the District 7 County Commission  race.

     So far, we know these three candidates  …………..

      Rodstrom                                    Keechl                                  Ryan

     Charlotte Rodstrom ran for her City Commission seat and won in January of this year, then announced two weeks later that she would be leaving to run for the County Commission. Now, her husband’s lawyer friend has sued to try and allow Republicans to vote in the primary race, as she is considered the most conservative of the three….

     Ken Keechl  was the County Mayor, but lost his re-election bid despite raising an enormous amount of campaign money-  $590,000. Most pundits credited his loss to reports that he spent campaign funds on his own property mortgage, and  lavish lunches, wine, food and travel. Now, Keechl has admitted putting one of the two republican write -in candidates in the race to exclude Republicans from voting in the primary (as he is considered the most liberal of the three!)

     Tim Ryan spent eight years in the Florida House of Representatives, until term limiting. Ryan comes from a long line of family politicians, though I couldn’t dig up any dirt or controversy..   As a matter of fact, Ryan, a lawyer, received the highest legal ranking for, get this, ethical standards!  This race could use some of that!

Then there are the two shadowy republican write-in candidates in the race. One was put in by Keechl. and     ……here is the other one!

                                     …  Jessica Heinecker  …  Make-Up Artist !

     ( no, I’m not kidding!) ….  I reached her on the phone and she was quite surprised -“how did you find me?” ..  She was busy and couldn’t talk, and I haven’t been able to reach her since.

         …….  on another note on this screwy election, Judge Naugle recused herself from being the Judge on Rodstrom’s friend’s lawsuit, saying she was one of the “disenfranchised” voters who couldn’t vote in the County primary election since the County doesn’t have open primaries.  Wouldn’t that mean no County Judge could take the case (unless they lived in Dade or Palm Beach?)


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