Shame on Scherer/Rodstrom/Naugle/Rodstrom

     Once again, County Mayor John Rodstrom’s friend, no-shame lawyer Bill Scherer, is suing to try and help a Rodstrom win another election.

      Rodstrom             Scherer

     Last time around, Scherer sued to overturn term limits, so that John Rodstrom could continue to hold office, ( Rodstrom has already been in elected office about 30 years, and reportedly has over a half million dollars in pension funds due him from the taxpayers).

     Scherer first won that term limit case in local court, having another friend, Judge Carol Naugle,  side with them, but lost when Judge Naugle was overruled at the Florida Supreme Court.

     This time around, Scherer is trying to overturn the election laws, so that Republicans can vote in the Democrat primary next month, in order to help John Rodstrom’s wife, Charlotte, win husband John’s current Banana Republic – err, uh – County Commission seat!

                                                   Charlotte Rodstrom

And what makes this new case the foulest of all,  guess which Judge has just been assigned this case?

    To find out, click on this link below to read Sun-Sentinel’s Brittany Wallmans’ whole sordid story….

                                               click here for wretched tale!

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