And Then There Were Three !

…….  Another entry into the 2018 Fort Lauderdale Mayoral race  …….

………….   He is well known to the political watching class, as he has run for office (including Fort Lauderdale Mayor) on many occasions   ….. he is also an infamous attorney, represented many well known cases, including little Lionel Tate, who killed a little girl that his mother was babysitting ……



Mayoral candidate Jim Lewis

…..   Now if this pace keeps up, by election day 2018, we will have a field of 743 mayoral candidates to choose from !  ….

 ( remember, you can see all the  candidates in action this Sunday   …. 3pm until 6 pm ….. Annie Beck House 1329 N.Dixie Hwy)


4 Replies to “And Then There Were Three !”

  1. I currently have an exploratory committee to run for mayor.
    Platform, accountability, transparency, public space and private development.

  2. Is Cam Rogers a registered voter in his Father’s Commission District? I know two of our current City Commission members who are shoe-ins to be elected in 2018 would look favourably on a 4th generation Rogers in public office. As a resident who lived through the first n second generation of Rogers office holders I remember one thing – they never had their hands in the cookie jar like I suspect at least one potential candidate may try. Cam Rogers is as clean as an Irish Spring commercial.

  3. And maybe four(4). First of all I think Mr.Lewis here just wants his 15 mins. of fame etc, to boost his law practice. Run for every office it seems every other year. As far as this other man from Food not bombs, how could anyone endorse him when right now his group “Food not bombs” is in ligation suing the city. My take oh can’t get a job Robert, to busy growing carrots in the back hard. We don’t sue the city, hence costing the residents , its counter productive. As far as Bruce Roberts and Charlotte Rodstrom, not these two are a force to be reckoned w/. If I can run I would bring out how much the city manager is costing the residents to live in Ft>aluderdale. He has raised every fee, rate etc to live in Ft.lau. Its explosive how since Mr.Feldman has been at th e helm how much services now cost residents in Ft>alu. This needs to stop. Also th e law suits not just Food not bombs but a whole slew of them. Partly is because eof some of the manangement he has hired. This needs to stop as well. Why I so qualified to be mayor. I have the people that work at city hall (some) that tell me all the happenings at city hal and their concerns for the city. None of these canidates have this. These employees trust me, these people know I can go the distance(which I have proven over and over again). Keep the phone calls comin, the emails flowin Robert Walsh has your back. I have save dthe city over 300g a year for my discovery of this 401a benefit(who did the staff etc come to , me). Yes this benefit saves us over 300grand year in ,year out. Also we are not in business in destroying other people’s lives. Balck live matter yes, all lives matter including our police officers. Lastly they need a raise. Just this week I learned that the starting pay for an officer went down, yes down not up, under my leadership this will change. I have to get my voting rights back , I will achieve this. Then its on . I think both Charlotte a nd Bruce are pillars in our city, if I don’t get my voting rights in time I will help them both. Some of you play dirty, I can play dirtier. I look forward to seeking my voting rights and then we will see in what direction I go… until thi splays out good luck to both Mr.Roberts and Mrs.Rodstrom. These are good people and would love to share the stage w/ them not only to share my ideas etc, but to be on stage etc w/ them. They ar eone of us people, all though I think I can achieve my goals for the city faster and more effectively. I wish both of them good health etc an dlook forward to seeing them in the near future….

  4. Thank You Tim,
    Tim,Thank You

    The Event today was interesting and Funny at times, and I am hopeful of the future of our great City the event made me reflex back from the time i started getting involved with Civic stuff around 1982 but I realized today also Tim when I read your list of issues of today unfortunately many are the same from the 80’s like Neighborhood crime, Smart development, Property Taxes , The City a donor city to the county and we do not get our fair share back in services,I hope the leaders of the future think out if the box and look for partnerships try something different
    It would be great to see some big progress and issue/problems be more proactive and not reactive and know one please do not take my comments negative I am grateful and thankful to most of public servants we have had in our past and the current elective servants and our City employees and I know none of this stuff is easy.

    Thank You

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