The Campaign !

….. While waging a political campaign is no picnic for sure, there are many bright spots that occur, and some new endorsements have come in lately that have me smiling ! ( I’ll tell you in a minute)




I have referred back to my watch word, to make sure I take it all in good measure –



noun: humility
  1. a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.
    …… It’s the people that you represent that are important, and I hope I get the chance soon, the primary coming just next Tuesday, January 16 ……
    …… So recently a couple of new big supporters joined the list …. Jackie Scott ( former President of the Council of Civic Assoc) ……  Commissioner Romney Rogers, Mayor Jack Seiler  ……. and former Police Chief  Frank Adderley  …..  humbled !
    Here is the big list – please let me add your name !

    Nina Randall ( former Middle River Terrace Pres)

    Tim Schiavone ( Parrot Lounge)

    Rob Edlin ( Flagler Village)

    Howard Steinhold ( Seven Isles)

    Vicki Mowrey ( Central Beach)

    Abby Laughlin ( Central beach)

    Steve Jacobson (former VP Lakeridge)

    Marge Anderson (former Pres Middle River Terrace)

    John Aurelius ( former Ft laud CC )

    Ron Weinbaum

    Logan Ritter ( MRT)

    Jen Brugman (MRT)

    Ross Parker ( Call of Africa)

    Pastor Petit Frere

    Ben Session ( former pres SMRCA)

    Sal Gatanio ( former pres SMRCA)

    Katherine Barry (past Pres CCA)

    Charlie Ladd- small developer

    Lorraine Saunders ( past Pres MRT)

    Maureen ( Eat the Tea)

    Donna Collins ( sec. SMRCA)

    Cindy Smith – wife

    Timmy Smith- son

    Frank Palenco ( House of Art)

    Rev. Luke Harrigan

    Pastor Diane Mann

    Dave Justin ( former treasure MRT)

    Randall Klett ( former Prres MRT)

    Mark Hensel ( former Pres MRT)

    Sean (Le Boy)

    George Mihau- newsletter publisher

    Chuck Gregory – Board of CCA

    Michael Haerting ( Cycle Party)

    Chris ( cycle party)

    Johua Tiktin ( Mass District)

    Mark Hartman ( former Pres MRT)

    Don Crinklaw- reporter

    Elaine Viets ( famous local author)

    Louise Birminham – MRT

    Steve Greer – MRT

    Gail Jacobson – Lakeridge

    Hubert and Terry (SMRCA)

    Rob and Carmen Smith (SMRCA)

    Rayon Piper ( VP of CCA)

    Jessica Piper – MRT

    Dan Lewis – former mayoral candidate !

    Tore Heubel – MRT

    James Brady

    Robin Merill

    Doug Snyder

    Caldwell Cooper

    Rocky Bowell- Pride Factory

    Justin Greenbaum – CRA

    Derrick Caglianone – 13th Street

    Pam Caglianone- 13th Street

    Amy Jones Hamilton – former Pres. Laudergate Isles

    Vicki Eckels- – also District 4 resident supporting Ben Sorensen

    Barry Curtis – MRT

    Diane and Bill Smart- preservationists

    Bob Oelke

    Neysa Rich Brady

    Jack Moroney – 13th Street

    Harris Soloman-

    Howard Elfman – former Dist II candidate !

    Rob Stiegle- small developer

    Linda and Karl Shallenberger

    Mel Lenet- 13th Street

    David and Susanna Coleman – MRT

    Cliff and Michelle Stickler – MRT

    Ray Thrower – SMRCA

    Tom Rose

    Jim Ober

    Richard Eberhard – MRT

    Steve and Beverly Stahl – MRT

    Nick Saknofsky – former candidate

    Brad Laird _ SMRCA

    Frank Link – Central Beach

    Ray Parker – Parker Playhouse

    Michael Madfis- architect

    Michael Ferber – former candidate Dist II

    Anthony Abbate- famous guy

    Dil Hatchette – MRT

    Dan Murphy – MRT

    John Day- famous guy

    Marc Dickerman

    Mark Lambert = Central Beach

    Darrin Mowrey – Central Beach

    Tony Esposito – Flagler Village

    Marilyn Hurst –

    Mike Tucker – President FOP

    Genia Ellis

    P.J. Espinol – SMRCA

    Nicole and Janette – SMR

    Dick Ellis

    Diana Centorino – fmr. P&Z

    Percy Johnson

    Tom Recca- CityView

    Mike Moscowitz – former candidate Dist. II

    Christine Jones – VP-  Lauderdale Manors

    Fenel Antoine – Haitian Community leader

    Jeff Torkleson – Bike Project

    James Campbell

    Tony Curatolo

    Marie McGinley – South Middle River

    Doug Blevins – former Pres SMRCA

    Bradley Decklbaum

    Linda Gibboney – former Pres SMRCA

    Ralph Rhiel – S Fla. Tourism Council

    Luis Castillo – former Pres SMRCA

    Fred Stresau – Infrastructure task force

    Terri Hayes – Victoria park

    Scott Maclaren – Pres. Stiles Corp.

    Bruce Keno

    Brian Keno

    Jim Ellis – former Pres. Lauderdale Beach

    Par Sanda – NBRA

    Tim Petrillo – restaurateur

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    Paid for and approved by the Tim Smith campaign for City Commissioner, District II, for Fort Lauderdale !

6 Replies to “The Campaign !”

  1. Watching the debate my take this district election is between you and Steve Glassman.No offense just like in the mayoral race no one is going to get 50% so this goes to March.That being stated if i am right and your race is between you and Glassman i would like to see a debate between you both.Oh my God Tim how could you stand it the other night with this Micheal Rayner.Boy for someone that is not even a district resident(wait) he doesn.t even live in Ft.lau.You would think he would be more active in his own city he resides in.Plus another one on Disability.No job sure he.s up your nose Tim.My take and he s not alone if he can go to these civic meetings for hours at a time than he can get a job.What suckerboy Robert working 12 hrs. A day.Maybe i should file for disability.Alrhough healthier than a horse i could say i hear voices right.Play crazy..That woyld not work cause i run two businesses.You get it.Once we get past next week and your race is between you and Glassman hopefully we can get to the real issues not who is gayier.Who would be better for LBGt concerns etc.You are right Tim you don.t have to be a certain demographic if specific sexual orientation to be an effective commissioner.Good luck to you and Steve.Maybe Maxy Pad will split his campaign monies w/ you and Steve.Right…

  2. My take about the debate the other night that Brittany Wallman hosted i think she took it easy on the mayorak canidates.If ut wasn.t for that felony twenty yrs.ago i would have been sitting up there with them.Anyhow i would have asked Roberts when the former police chief petitioned for 35k to pay the IRs.Roberts and Mckenzie voted yes(hold on) while Seiler,Rogers,and Trantalis stated kick rocks and voted no.I would have asked Roberts his reasoning behind that yes vote.I would have asked Rodstrom how she felt when the city was charged over 200g for a special election she caused.And i would have asked Trantalis while he was on the bd at the Broward house when it was discovered they had an alleged child molester and why Trantalis supported not immediately terminating(hold on)that was when former county comm.Lois Wexler stated. Keep the alleged didler no more funding(thank u).And like magic the man was let go in a NYC minute.Why would u support filth like that.So i would have asked all three amigos these questions.Anyhow that being stated no one is perfect.Anyone of these three would make a fine mayor.Who wins.Whi goes home on tuesday.Its too close.If Charlotte plays her cards right and courts the Black vote she stays if not unfortunately she goes home.No popping the cork Bruce because if Rodstrom goes packing all her votes go to Dean.You lose.Poetic justice Judy Stern.I win by handicap.Gay New Yorkers rejoice.Will see cause no one is getting 50%…

  3. The winners with over 50% on January 16th will.obviously be Bruce Roberts, Tim Smith, n.Robert McKinzie with Walter a bit ahead of Sorenson but no 50% winner.

  4. I disagree.Will see.I say none of them get 50%.Also the primary is a day after a holiday.So you have a three day weekend etc.Residents will forget its voting day.Plus huge factor its going to be cold on Tuesday.Not good for the canidates.In regards to mayoral race one is definitely going home on Tuesday.Now in the general in March will be a.much bigger turn out.On to Tuesday.Although i would prefer Trantalis and Rodstrom doesn.t really matter .Cause residents that vote for Rodstrom will then vote for Trantalis,and vice-versa.Just the same good luck to all..

  5. Like i stated previous this race is between you and Glassman.If i am right Tim and you and Steve go to March i would like to see three debates just you and him.One shortly after the primary.The next one say around Valentine’s and the third just before the March election.Say one hosted by the CBA.The other at city hall hosted by Brittany.And say a third at the Dolphin demos..Boy on another note this Judy Stern.Boy people just love to hate her You know her good.Her name is plastered all over the place.I will tell u one thing beware some of u.Not only does she has more connections than Kissinger.She also has The FBI on speed dial.Is she a snitch or just a concerned citizen.Well, u b the judge…

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