Ten Burglaries are Enough!

        I have been covering the major burglary problems in some of Fort Lauderdale’s neighborhoods a lot, and it’s nice to be able to say that things might finally be beginning to improve, at least for the first few months of this year.

       But that progress has not come quick enough for the former
                    President of the South Middle River neighborhood – Robert Alcock.

       This weekend, his house, at the hotbed intersection of NW 3rd Avenue and NW 11th Street was burglarized for the 10th time in 5 years.


      This time, a small burglar smashed in a kitchen window and squeezed through.

      Alcock, a leader in the sustainable energy movement, lost one of his prize possessions – an electric bicycle.


     Alcock is offering a $100 reward for the return of the bike.

     I’m offering another $100 for the burglar !!

9 Replies to “Ten Burglaries are Enough!”

  1. He is already in foreclosure. Rented out to bad people, collecting rent. Every time broken into, he had no alarm installed.
    So you decide.

  2. to resident . Why would you put the blame one the homeowner. Did he ask the buglar to come in and take his things? why not put the blame on where it belongs, the buglar? what will you do when your house is next?

  3. this is not new news but jusyt more of the same old same old
    S-S has a write-up on fll burglaries with map showing neighborhoods etc
    because fll milage rate is so low, or lowest of FL cities this size according to your fine electeds, we have high crime of this type
    if they raise the milage maybe the crimes will go down

  4. I got the answer, maybe we should give our ft Lauderdale police chief a raise. He’s now making as much as the vice president of the united states with his pension and salary; however, paying him more money might get him to move a little faster.

  5. For those who have experienced the aggravation of having your car broken into you might be surprised by the numbers in that category. 400 a month in Broward alone. The latest crime couple are driving a late model black Dodge Charger with very dark tinted windows. Two black guys. One 5’11’ skinny who prowls the parking lots, while the other drives the car. They are in cell phone communication. They target WOMEN they see leaving their cars “without their purses” or vehicles with valuables they can see. BOLO.

  6. move faster – correct –

    to another ‘early’ retirement and more ‘double dipping’ into our meager tax dollars kitty

    why doesn’t he just ‘retire’ and go out and have fun spending his pension while he is young enough to enjoy it?

  7. That’s insane! There is obviously a core group that needs targeted. Incredible how these thugs operate with little fear. They once backed a truck up to my front door and spent an hour loading my best things into it. They even went though my clothes, pick what they liked while trying things on! They even stole light bulbs. It was shear chance didn’t come home and interrupt them. The neighbors thought since they were working in sight, I must have asked them to. I never got anything back and they were never arrested. How hard would it be to , arrest and prosecute them? No fan of drugs, but I have to figure if there was an incentive like there is for drug arrests, the problem would be much better. They need to address this problem.

  8. Not only this house, but a house on NW 4th Ave. I even watched as the thieves brought the stolen computer and TV to a house on NW 3rd. The police were alerted, and found the victims back pack on the lawn, but not enough evidence to get a search warrant. When one reports these things, be careful!!! It kind of put a target on my back. (so the word on the street is)

  9. There is a car that fits that description on NW 3rd AVE. The one guy is skinny and I have noticed that there seems to be some suspicious activity at that address. I can get the address and license plate number and a picture if you wish. Steve

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