New Biz on 13th Street !

       Last night was the ribbon cutting, and the community couldn’t have been happier!

       Businesses are finally coming back to the long delinquent 13th Street corridor. The opening last night was an upscale Auction House named   …………


        The Auction House is right at the FEC RR tracks and NE 13th Street.

        The room was packed, (the free draft beer, wine and snacks help !) and the ribbon was cut just in time for the fun two-hour auction that followed –


           Those are the proprietors on the left, Rachel and Ray (yes, like the Chef), Mayor Seiler with the big scissors, former LakeRidge President Shannon Harmeling, President of South Middle River, Lawrence Rosen Jackson, and yours truly!

       They had gads of neat, different items –


         A lot of pricey things for sure, but I made off with a fancy Chinese planter for just $50!

         Former SMRCA President Sal Gatanio waited to the end for item #72 …..


            … a one of a kind –  bust of Romeo – entirely made out of nuts and bolts! Sal dug deep for the piece – $600 – but said it was a gift for his Romeo and worth every penny!

           ………   Curiosities has their auctions on Wednesdays, but are open daily to inspect the merchandise from 12 to 4  …   to get more info, give Ray a call on his cell … 310-291-1626 …. 

                  … tell him Tim gave you his cell number



8 Replies to “New Biz on 13th Street !”

  1. what on earth is seiler doing there??????
    that’s about the craziest thing i’ve seen in a long time….i can only hope that this venture works out for the owners of “Curiosities”…..
    although i an a bit “curious” as to WHY the president of south middle river was there and not someone from Poinsettia Heights……
    pretty lame ass action if you asked me… is located in Poinsettia Heights right????

  2. Steve- are you serious??? First of all, the Mayor was there to cut the ribbon in show of support to the area that has come a long way.
    As to why the pres. of Poinsettia heights was not there, I don’t have a clue, but SMR pres was there to show support to the 13th Street Alliance, ( a collaboration of neighborhoods whose boundaries include 13th street). This group, currently led by Tim Smith,includes many hard working individuals from the adjoining neighborhoods, and they have been working their tails off to breathe new life into the area,and the fact that new business’s are moving in is a sign of success on their part…Maybe you can spare some time to get involved, or not, and we will see who the lame one is here!!!!

  3. now now boys, let’s not get your panties in an uproar,this area is ripe and ready,and I think I will go and see if I can buy some real estate there.

  4. oops, ruffled a feather……
    i am really glad that Curiosities and whatever ends up going into the space at 815 ne 13th street are stepping out and doing the renovations to their spaces and buildings….they look great and i commend them!!!
    i personally don’t agree with some of the fix in’s that are happening along ne 13th street (i do have that right). we certainly don’t want ne 13th street to be a “hillbilly hoedown” looking area……
    but even though the guys at Mythbusters (the television show) proved you can indeed polish a turd, you can’t actually do it there on ne 13th street.

  5. ps. just to clarify……i lost all respect for Jack Seiler when he sold out the City of Fort Lauderdale to Israeli millionaire developer/builder/huckster Asi Cymbal and Marina Lofts!!!! It just happens to be a politicians duty…..
    I think i’ll put that in my pipe and SMOKE it

  6. Steve,
    It is called “Shameless Self Promotion”. Seiler hasn’t met a stage, podium, or a float with a microphone he hasn’t loved. He is a politician with his lust of “Power” driving him.

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