Sundays at Five

               They call themselves Sundays at Five, and are a smashing 60’s – 70’s band ….  

               The members come from different neighborhoods ( mostly in Fort Lauderdale) …..

     ….. Maybe you will recognize some of the players in the video below.  Tonight, they played at five (on Sunday !) at probably the only non-gay bar in Wilton Manors, (Reds) –   though they won’t ever discriminate!  ….     now turn up your speakers !!          


                    They are good, and play cheap ( tonight is was for whiskey

                    Call Tim if you need more info  …954-822-4727 !


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  1. Damn, they’re good! Would love to go see them next time we visit 🙂 Great sound they have. Love the woman’s voice.

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