Carlton Moore’s Way

      Former 22- year City Commissioner Carlton Moore is dead and gone, but deserves to be remembered.


      The man lived and breathed the Northwest. He fought tirelessly, convinced that the area he grew up in could be made right. He fought slum, blight, crime. He refused to accept the status quo, arriving at every City Commission meeting with renewed vigor, and a new idea.

     Many of the improvements to the area that we our now seeing can be directly tied to initiatives and battles Moore fought for during his long and hard tenure. He often closed his correspondences, “to progress”.

                                 Here is one suggestion

        Two of those many important improvements are along the same road, NW 20th Avenue, just off Sistrunk Boulevard.

      One of the improvements is what is missing – the trash transfer station. For years, we trucked our lawn debris, our defunct furniture, our general junk down Sistrunk to NW 20th Avenue to the “city dump”. Moore worked hard to get that closed, an important milestone.


        And then Moore fought an even tougher battle – to move the City’s building department (since the old building was unsafe and had to be abandoned) out Sistrunk to NW 20th Avenue. It was an unusually tough battle, with many residents opposing. But in the end, the tenacious Moore won out, and it has been a success.


        How about we pay some due respect and rename NW 20th Avenue   ……..

                     Carlton Moore’s Way

        What do you say? 

7 Replies to “Carlton Moore’s Way”

  1. I think we should rename Victoria Park Road Carlton Moore’s Way. All the way until it intersects with Sistrunk Blvd. when we finally push it east of Federal Hwy.

  2. I think this is long over due!! Many people work tirelessly in this city only to have a newbie get the credit! Let’s do this to celebrate his life!!!

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