New Club in Town!

      There is a new club in town that means business!

      It’s called the Middle River Terrace Improvement Club, and the mission of the club is to well, …….  improve Middle River Terrace (neighborhood) of course!

      ….. The President of the new club, Dave Justin, says what makes this new club different, is that they have one hard and fast rule –

                                                                NO MEETINGS!

                                                                 President Dave

         ……..    just improvement projects!




       Here is the happy group today after revitalizing an old neighborhood dock project that had fallen into disrepair    …… 


                                                       Go New Group !!!


5 Replies to “New Club in Town!”

  1. Thanks so much Dave and crew for breathing new life back into the neighborhood!
    No meetings either- just goes to show actions speak louder than words……….
    Tim, please post Dave’s next project on your blog so my partner and I know where to be next time- there are so many areas in the neighborhood that have long been neglected- I’m sure we’ll be very busy fixing them this year, and we’re looking forward to it!!!

  2. WOW Tim- I lived in mrt when you were president, and I helped build that dock- I think it was is the 1990’s!! It doesn’t surprise me at all that you are still giving back to the neighborhood you turned around way back then..
    Also, I see the familiar faces of those that gave so much too- Dave, Dan, Bob…I hope the people that live there now appreciate all of the efforts you and your friends continue to make.
    I have moved several times since having to leave that neighborhood, and have yet to find the sense of family in a neighborhood like we had in mrt decades ago…..

  3. god bless Tim Smith and Dave Justin they have never stopped working tirelessly for the betterment of Middle river Terrace they never stop trying to make it better they deserve alot of credit for all they have done thru out these many years in MRT GOD BLESS THEM!

  4. You are correct, the dock was built during three 90 degree+ weekends in August 1996 and in one of the photos above, Tim, Cindy, Bob, John, Dil, and myself were among the original volunteers.

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