Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign!

     It’s the scourge of the leftover campaign signs.


     It happens after every election, in every city. The hard fought battle is over, the victor victorious, the losers lament and crawl off to lick their wounds. The signs remain!

  And we’re left to gaze over the scarred battlefields, empty lot after empty lot, until Mother Nature, or the recycler, cleans up the dead!

                                       Even the poor trees can be a casualty!


     It seems better than usual here in Fort Lauderdale after last Tuesday’s election, some signs have already disappeared, but some not! …… Some still survive from Elections Past!

    But there are a few solutions! ……

    One solution is to e-mail the local recycling group Trash to Treasures ….  they say schools like to use the  signs for art projects, and if they get too many, they recycle the plastic. Their e-mail is

     Or, you could do like I did,


                             …………………………. use them for wall art!


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