Entertaining Run-Off News, and Recap !

     Well, for all you political punditers, Fort Lauderdale’s Municipal Primary on Tuesday held few surprises, but the run-off might be getting much more exciting! 

     It went down Tuesday pretty much as many had expected, though Seiler won the Mayorship with a much greater margin, and Rodstrom kept her seat in the primary while most thought there would be a run-off.

     Pundits were divided over the District III race between Adams and Dubose, but Dubose won a resounding victory of 49%, just one point under the threshold for an outright win ( I bet he wished he had made a few more phone calls!!)  …… No word yet on who the third and fourth place finishers will back in the run-off. 

     In District IV, the battle,( as expected), is being waged between the ‘Old Guard’, represented by Romney Rogers (and Naugle and Shaw) and the new kid on the block, Coleman Prewitt. Again, no word yet on who the third and fourth place finishers will back.

     That’s not the case in District I.  Incumbent Teel won the Primary, but with only 47% over Roberts 44%. The third place fininsher, Garcia, who grabbed only 8 % of the tally, could be an important voice in the run-off.

                                                               outspoken Garcia

       Garcia backed Roberts right after the results came in Tuesday night, and in an interview with me this morning, says that a “majority of the voters voted against Teel”. She says she will happily do whatever she can to see to it that Roberts beats Teel in the General Election on March 10th. She says she has lost “total respect” for Teel.

      Garcia added that Teel didn’t give “any respect to anyone that challenged her”,  that she “shakes hands like a wet fish”, and is too uppity for politics – “isn’t her boat named Ms. Priss ?”.

     Looks like I’ll still be in the blog business for awhile!


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