PAC Packs Punch Against Teel !

     They have Commissioner Christine Teel  in their sites, and it looks like they are playing hardball.

     Here’s one of their latest mailings that found it’s way into District I mailboxes in the last few days.


                                                    the “Oscar Meyer ” mailing

     The group that is targeting Teel is a “PAC” , or Political Action Committee. It’s called the  “Integrity Counts Committee”. The Pac is addressed to 1314 Las Olas, and was registered by long time political operative Russ Oster. 

     The City of Fort Lauderdale has  very strict campaign finance laws, and Pacs, Unions, and Corporations are forbidden from contributing to campaigns, but PACS can spend their own resources as long as they are not connected to any campaign.

     The Bruce Roberts campaign said they were “shocked” to see the pieces, and had absolutely “nothing to do with them”.

     Oster, who has been stirring the political pot for some years, said this morning that although others in his organization were leading the anti-Teel re-election effort, the reason for the efforts were, “obviously, the problem with the exploding budget”.

      Here is another piece they sent:

                                                           the “dracula mailer”

     Commissioner Teel could not be reached for comment.

     Other local names that contributed to “Integrity Counts Committee” include local attorneys Jon Krupnick, Scott Lieberman, and Russ Adler, lobbyist Ron Book, and local developer Ron Mastriana.

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