Shippey Shack No More !!

…..  Sometimes it’s nice to share good news.


Judge Fred Shippey

…. The one-hundred year- old  Judge Fred  Shippey  House has passed another milestone, and looks to be finally be headed toward success/saving ! ( Here is a picture of the rough house right after it was originally saved and moved to a city owned lot in the historic district about six years ago, right near the New River….)


…. The ownership of the house was transferred this past week to the Riverwalk Trust, the group that manages the Riverwalk and who pays estate taxes too…… That is very good news….. Along with the transfer of the house from the Friends of Shippey House came $92,000 to restore the outside…..


Here is how the house looks now, and here it was it should look like soon –



….It took a lot of good citizens to save this important historic house, here is just a partial list with their donation amounts – some donations are in-kind, most are cold cash ! … (sorry if I forgot someone)

City of Fort Lauderdale – $30,000

Cooper Properties – $12,500

Advanced Roofing – $8000

Broward County – $8000

Doug Snyder – $8000

Genia Ellis – $5000

Jim Brady – $3500

Romney Rogers – $2500

Katherine Barry – $2000

Bradley Decklbaum – $2000

Broward Trust for Historic Preservation – $1000

Tim Smith- $1000

Cal Deal – $1000

Ron Centamore – $1000

Jackie Scott – $500

Jack Seiler – $250

…………   good citizens, the all of them !





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