Cindi Hutchinson Leaves Town

….. Former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson fell about as far from grace as is possible, now she has left town.




…… ¬† Hutchinson served on the Commission as the District IV Commissioner from 2000 until 2009, when she started a run for Mayor, but bowed out after encountering a charge of public corruption for accepting home improvement gifts worth $14,000 from a developer.

Hutchinson was convicted and served 2 months and 20 days in jail…



….. ¬†Hutchinson never returned to public life after serving her sentence. She is on probation until 2018.

Now she has left Fort Lauderdale for Hollywood.



…… Hutchinson did a lot of good work as a neighborhood activist and City Commissioner, but lost sight of the rules somewhere along the line ¬†….. Now that is history, and Cindi can have a fresh start in a new town… Good luck !

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