Set Up The Big Top!

     It’s a great idea that’s been totally fouled up –

                           Citizen Presentation Program

      It happens at the first meeting of the month of the Fort Lauderdale City Commission. Any citizen that has something to say, can fill out an application and get his/her three minutes to vent.

  Unfortunately, this great idea has been hijacked by a few grandstanders, and some assorted wackos –  turned into a circus side show!
Here’s how this month’s circus went!


     It started out normal enough. Here, Salvation Army’s Jim came to complain about the clothing donation boxes that are sprouting up around the City. His complaint was that the boxes were NOT Salvation Army boxes, but some “out of towners”. He thought only the Army’s boxes should remain.


     The Commission listened repectfully, then Mayor Seiler gave Jim the bad news. The City doesn’t allow ANY clothing donation boxes, and all of them would be removed. Jim slinked off, appearing confused, disappointed – 

          – the program went down hill from there


     Look up gadfly in the dictionary, you’ll get Art Seitz. Art never misses his chance on Citizen Presentation Day!

     His application said this months’ topics for his three minutes would be – 

              ….. A1A Greenway
              …. Scenic Highways
              ….. Bahia Mar
             ….. Lobbyists, campaign donations, Commissioner e-mails , …

Art’s three minutes came and went!


     Commissioner Rogers gave the Mayor a look – ( a picture is worth ….)

     ….. then further down hill the presentation’s rode!


     It was Dr. Sue’s turn. If the Mayor was watching, he should have turned her away for her lack of fashion sense right off!

     Sue came from Bellevue, Washington for her three minutes! Her application said she was going to talk about mistreatment of the homeless, and Police abuse of the badge. Instead she mumbled incoherently for at least three minutes ( seemed like more!) about Darfur, her house and it’s view, all sorts of daffy things. 

     For Commissioner Dubose, it took all he had to keep a straight face – 


      Then came the show that people actually came to see– 

          The Robert Walsh Show.

Walsh is the City’s main malcontent, and Walsh says anything he wants to – no holding back from this guy – Walsh never seems to miss a citizen presentation opportunity either !


      Walsh’s application said he would be talking about Police Chief Frank Adderley’s “abuse of power, dereliction of duty”, and that the Chief ” is a disgrace”.

      Walsh’s last line in his application was meant for another reason, but surely could be a postscript for the entire Citizen Presentation Program – 

                       “total mess in plain English” 





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