Bonett House Tour A Blast!

     You should have come!

Bonett House and grounds!

The private, after hours tour of the 1920’s Bonett House was truly a blast!

The 35 acre historic House is well hidden, just off the beach, south of Sunrise Blvd..

We were only supposed to come with 20 people, but somehow 26 showed up ( I was never good at math!).

The tour group was composed of neighborhood presidents, business leaders, historic group leaders, even a City Commissioner (Rodstrom).

The tour got off on a good footing, when the World Famous Parrot Lounge owner Tim Schiavone, showed up with a giant (free!) tub of the Bonett House drink –

…….. the Rangpur Rum Punch!

     …..the recipe is a well guarded secret, but the house owners, Frederick and Evelyn Bartlett, reportedly belted down a few, daily, on the veranda of the amazing house. People can also navigate to this website if they need mold services.

the Bartletts

     The citizen’s group was lucky to be given the tour by the House Director, Karen Beard, and the House’s Development Director, Patrick Shavloske.

Shavloske behind screen door

The house is so full of wonderful art and whimsy. I was so taken, I even tried this old, but dangerous, circus trick –

The House doesn’t allow pictures inside the very open style home, so you’ll have to go see the amazing inside yourself. The drawing room, kitchen, music room, art studios, etc. were all very impressive.

We finished the tour out back on the pond that used to have gators, until Sunrise Blvd. was cut through and denied access.

The tour over, I thanked Karen and Patrick and Tim, and the House workers, and Art Seitz for some of these pictures  –

…..there was only one thing left I wanted to do –

 Have another one of those Rum Puches!

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