School Still Misbehaving

     Some residents of Middle River Terrace are really mad at Fort Lauderdale High School  ……..   again!

     You’ll remember that the school mangled their large Mahogany trees this summer, much to the chagrin of area residents.


     Now, the School Board has found a new way to infuriate the neighborhood. They decided that the best place for dozens of school busses to park is in front of people’s houses!!!!


     This picture was taken yesterday afternoon. Some neighbors say they can’t even pull out of their driveways!

     At first, the busses stayed running, creating a diesel plume in the air, but at least now they turn them off, leave their busses, smoke cigs and chat.

     The School Board’s construction division says it’s the neighbors fault, ( yep, that’s what they say!) – that if the residents didn’t complain about the School massacring the Mahogany trees this summer, their construction wouldn’t have stalled, and the busses could go home!

                   Dinnen                               Leach  

     There is a meeting next Monday between school Board members Maureen Dinnen and Katie Leach, the City Commissioner for the area Charlotte Rodstrom, and area residents – should be interesting!

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