Mayor Seiler’s Financial Disclosure

     Last week, I received an e-mail from District II Commission candidate Robert Walsh.

     Walsh had filled out a public records request for the financial disclosure form of Mayor Jack Seiler, and he wanted me to have it.

                Here’s exactly what Walsh wrote to me –

     “No wonder the City finaces are such a mess, but Mayor Seiler’s certainly ar enot. Its all about Jack.”  It’s apparent that Walsh does not much like the Mayor.


Anyhow, Seiler’s financial disclosure form is good reading. Jack has done well, and that’s fine with me!

       Here are a few highlights – 

     ….. Seiler has a home in Fort Lauderdale, and a home in Tallahassee 

                         Tally Home – fit for a Governor?

     …..  Seiler owns part of the building in Wilton Manors where his Law Office is – 


     Seiler is also heavily loaded up in stocks – this is just a sampling!

       AT&T – 17 shares
       Best Buy – 200
       Comcast – 350
       Eli Lilly – 200
       Pfizer – 200 

       …… and remembering what Seiler used to look like


   …..  it was no shock that he also owns …

           ……. Krispy Kreme Donuts – 200 shares


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