Good History News!

     Have you noticed?


     The historic Shippey House, once the residence of  Broward’s second Judge, Fred Shippey, looks like it will actually make it onto its’ footings in its’ new location in the historical district,  before an eventual hurricane takes it away!


     Fred Shippey was appointed to fill the post of Judge when Broward’s first Judge died in 1920. Shippey was not a lawyer then, but those little details didn’t matter, back then! He became quite well known during the land boom of Broward in the 1920’s, when he presided over marriage ceremonies, misdemeanors, probates, and juvenile cases.

     The houses sat for years, crumbling, on SW 7th Avenue just across from the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

     Congratulations are in order to the citizen activists and their supporters that saw this successful relocation of this important house to its’ new digs! 

     Can we paint the sucker now?

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