Rodstrom’s Competition Files

     Lester Zalewski just filed his papers to run against incumbent Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom.

             Rodstrom                      vs.             Zalewski

Zalewski just called me from City Hall to let me know he filed, but I spent the most time talking to his treasurer, Chris Beck. Chris is an accomplished fiction writer –  ( his pen name is C.J.Beck).

     He told me Zalewski was a “serious, committed candidate”. He says Zalewski believes that you “don’t have to go head to head” with the development community, that you can work with them. He says Zalewski is definitely “more pro-redevelopment” than Rodstrom, though he says only “reasonable development”. He says he’ll see to it that developers keep their prospective development sites in good condition while they wait to build.

     Beck says Zalewski was involved in building redevelopment in Chicago, owned a well known sports shop there,  and serves on the Board of Directors of the Illini condo on the beach, as well as serving as Vice President of the Central Beach Alliance.

     Beck says they hope they are invited to neighborhood associations all over District II,  though they understand they have little time to campaign, the election coming at the beginning of the new year.

      Also, Beck says they will be running a positive campaign, no mud slinging.
      No word yet if Rodstrom has agreed to that !

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