Five Shots to the Gut for Duffle

     I met Duffle during a neighborhood clean-up last weekend.

     While I was pulling weeds, mulching, and chatting with my fellow weed puller Mayor Jack Seiler, Duffle decided to join in ( the chatting, not the working!)

     “Hey Smif”, ( that’s what the thug world calls me along 13th street).

         Smif    (Cal Deal photo)

     ” Hey”, I replied back.

     “you remember me, I’m duffle”, he says

     “I know, like the bag”, I chortle
     “wanna see my shots?”, he asks

     At first, I thought he was asking if I wanted to see his shorts, but they were in clear view. So I said, kind of unsure, … “sure”.

     Then he pulled up his shirt –

     “oh my god duffle” I said ….  “what the hell is that?”

     “that’s my shots five in the gut”

     “wanna see where they came out the back”, he continued.

     Before I could say no, he turned around.


     “just missed the spine”

     I was aghast, the Mayor too.

     ” drug deal?” …. I wisped

     ” no, ova sum hoe,” he declared kinda proudly.

     …. he walked away, while I mumbled under my breath

     “god I hate the ghetto


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