Romney Rogers Draws Challenge

     She’s an infamous figure in Fort Lauderdale political circles, and she filed to run against District IV City Commissioner Romney Rogers a few minutes ago.

                             Romney Rogers                         VS.             

     Scott is a former President of the City’s  Council of Civic Associations, and was in the news for the last few weeks saving an historical house, the Shippey House, from the wrecking ball. Scott also made news this weekend, talking about getting her neighborhood declared a historic zone.

     Scott has been critical of Rogers, and fought a long battle to stop the First Presbytarian Church  from building a new center she felt was too big. The Church and the neighborhood came to an agreement on a new plan a few months back.

     It looked for a while that Scott’s neighborhood would be written out of the Rogers District, but the redistricting plan still has not be completed.

     Scott should be a formidable opponent.

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