Rodstrom Ready to Rumble?

     Former Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom sent out a letter to her former constituents this past week. 


     Pundits are trying to analyze the letter. It looks and sounds like a campaign letter, and some theorize that she is already setting the stage for a comeback!

     I wasn’t sure if that’s what it meant, so I tried something new.
     I sent the letter through an amazing brand new app “what they really mean app”, and was quite surprised ! It was way worth the 99 cents I paid for the app!

     Rodstroms’ “real” thoughts came through in red!



Dear Friends and Neighbors even you Dean – you bastard,

As I clear out my office and place this little bugging device in the ceiling, I reflect back on the past 7 years of service to you. You provided me with a wonderful opportunity and many life lessons along the way. Together, ……. we were able to advance your goals and objectives …….. I was pleased to be the person in government you could depend on certainly not those overpaid employees and the corrupt City Managers!

     Now the election is over and with only a 20 vote difference Dean barely won, and probably
cheated Mr. Dean Trantalis will be at the helm. I can assure you that I will stay active and try and make Dean’s life a living hell! …..

        ……  I was your watchdog at City
Hall  ……pit bull ….  Let us not forget the numerous neighborhood improvements   …. I did so much, it will take pages to list them all, but I will !   …..

      Additionally, my work with the Stonewall library and the Domestic Partnership Ordinance 
– didn’t matter a lick as you people had one of your own on the ballot … 

      …..   Now as Commissioner Trantalis takes the helm, I shall pass the baton over to him
.. I’d like to do something else with that baton !  ..

… not really ….


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