Shippey Shape?

     The Shippey House.


     It’s one of the oldest homes still standing in Fort Lauderdale, circa 1914, one of the last remaining things from old Fort Lauderdale.

     It was the home of quite a character, Judge Shippey, a marrying judge – even before he had a law degree!

     The picture above is what the house looked like in its’ better days – below is the house today.


     But there is good news.
     The house was saved from the wrecking ball a few years ago by a group of private citizens. Though progress on the historic houses’ renovation has been painfully slow, the house is finally safely  on a foundation before this seasons’ hurricanes!


       ……… Now it’s time to ask even more of the organizers and the benefactors of this monumental effort. 

     The house needs to be secured, the graffiti has to go, and hopefully a mold problem (Southside school) won’t have time to take root.

     ……… and let’s ask even more of ourselves !

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