My 500th Post !!

     OMG !

     This is my 500th blog posting  …


     I started writing about things that interest me in Fort Lauderdale over 5 years ago, and haven’t stopped, yet!

     Just to show you how long that has been, here is a picture of me when I started blogging !


     OK, maybe not that long ago, but let’s just say – many words ago!  … The 500 posts include 258,103 words ( half of War and Peace).

     Readers have visited the site 659,055 times, 6535 have posted comments, and 155 of you now subscribe so you don’t miss any news, or fun – (subscribe for free!).

     My very first post in 2008 was speculation about who would replace outgoing Mayor Jim Naugle. It mentioned that leading citizen Romney Rogers was eyeing the post, but featured the only candidate for mayor at the time –

                                                  Cindi Hutchinson

     We know how that turned out. “Hutch” dropped out ( now in government housing), Romney went for Commissioner instead of mayor and won, and Jack Seiler jumped in the Mayors’ race and is now in his second term, (with speculation that he may someday be Governor Seiler!)

     Some of the blog posts over the years went sort of viral. A story about a most troubled neighborhood, called ….

         Riot,Rumble,Disturbance ,
had the most reader views and lots of comments – 161) .


     Another viral post was due to a creative picture, photo-shopped by Cal Deal. This post went careening around the internet, and sent people to the blog over 4000 times, (and probably made Rogers’ blush!) –


     You seemed to like the more unusual stories.

When my family was awakened at 5am by a naked man, on crack, pacing on our front porch and wanting in, you read it in earnest!

      You got to know homeless “Popeye”, who lived for years in the Home Depot elevator.


     You also took keen interest in “Nomad Nancy”, a disabled woman who slept in one of our parks and was prostituted in the bushes until we got her some help.

     And then there is Calvin!


     Calvin is a sometimes homeless, always schizophrenic, a giant man, who likes to sleep on the beach – for weeks at a time. The Police entice him off the sand with cheeseburgers and the like, and get him back on his medicine. You have taken him shoes (14 Wide), many times!

      But mostly you read for the politics…….

      The Rodstroms, Jack, Bruce, Bobby, Dean,  Jailed Joe, the Chief, City Managers, the Council, the candidates and their campaigns, …. and the controversies –







                      ….So, thanks for reading  ….. read on ….. I’ll be back !



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