Rodstrom Race Has Fur Flying !

     It looks like Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom will have to work really hard for her re-election after all.

     Rodstrom was the last of the Commission to draw an opponent, but they seem to be making up for lost time, and the rhetoric is getting heated and charged early. 

                                         Rodstrom the Candidate!


     So far, two challengers have filed to run against her and more might be on the way.

     Last week, Steve Glassman, President of the Central Beach Alliance and former key Rodstrom supporter, jumped in the race. And yesterday, Victoria Park resident and  activist Howard Elfman entered. 

     Poinsettia Heights President Mike Vondermeulen has recently announced by e-mail to many of the District’s leaders that he is exploring a run also, and will be in contact with them soon. 

                                         Candidate Glassman
     Glassman has been a long time, popular President of the CBA, and worked hard, alongside Rodstrom, in pushing for more restrictive building rules along the Fort Lauderdale beachfront.  He was substantially credited for Rodstrom’s first successful run in 2006, when he and other beach activists turned out the beach vote in big numbers. Most of Glassman’s colleagues and supporters on the beach are opposed to new large high rise development.
     But what a difference a few years can make. Glassman now says he is launching a “strong” bid for her job, and had this to say about her service over the last three years;

     “her neighborhood neglect, unresponsiveness to the community and unbelievable lack of leadership” are the motivating factors behind his candidacy.

     Glassman is a sharp professional bureaucrat, and will surely give Rodstrom heartburn along the campaign trail.

     I’ll give you more on Rodstrom opposition as it becomes available.


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