Rossi’s Muff Matches Many Mayor’s Madnesses

     The latest dust up over Mayoral candidate Steve Rossi’s inappropriate joke (see the last post if you missed it) at the Chamber of Commerce’s Mayoral debate last week got me thinking.

     This guy just might win!

     Afterall, the last few Mayors of Fort Lauderdale were very popular and have said some mighty crazy things!

                                 Rossi cracking up at Chamber Debate

     Take former Mayor Bob Cox for starters.

     When asked by a fourth grader during an appearance at Dillard Elementary (a nearly all black school) what it took to be Mayor, Cox replied “anyone can be Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, you just need to be free, white, and 21” ! Apparently Cox forgot what decade it was! 

     And Cox’s plan to control the homeless was to “put Kerosene in the dumpsters”.

     And, then of course, you have our current Mayor – Jim Naugle.

     Some of his Naugle’s  colorful quips ;

     ” I use the word Homosexual. Most of them aren’t Gay, they’re unhappy!”

     And Naugle on the ACLU,… “they’re the Atheists and Criminal Lobbying Union”.

    And he refers to his City’s local newspaper (the Sun-Sentinel) as the Scum Sentinel!

     So, …….. note to Rossi …. keep those zingers coming !  




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