Racists Warn America about Obama

    Obama’s surge in the polls seems to be making some racists quite nervous.
     I know, because I’ve received numerous racial rants recently by e-mail, warning of dire consequences should Obama be elected President. I get lots of unsolicited e-mails, being a former Commissioner. I try and ignore the nutty ones, but the latest missive was so insane, I just had to respond.

      It was a rambling manifesto not only about Obama being a Muslim, but also being a  part of a terrorist plot to control the world. It went on and on about the “proof” that the “mainstream media” was “covering up”. Quite kooky! 
I sent a short reply; – “It is unfortunate that you have drank so much kool-aid that you actually think Obama is a Muslim plant running for President to take over the free world….so sad……. but I will pray for you none-the less….

     I had clicked “reply all”, just to let the whole 50 or so on the nut note know how I felt, and …..
     A phantom bigot e-mailer replied back –  “Madam or Master, whoever you are, I don’t drink kool-aid and don’t need your prayers.  I saw the light YEARS ago and am a diehard Republican.  If you can’t see that that nigger is a muslim, then God help you.  If you wanna pray for anyone, pray for the dumb-ass populace, that are stupid enough to vote for the black bastard.

We have much work still to do in America!


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